Are there fans of the world of warcraft?

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Tell me you've seen the latest updates? What is your opinion of Ny'alotha the Waking City?

Posted: 20-01-20 18:35 by arnikka

The entrance to Ny'alotha is open from January 21. This is a novelty in the game and it is beyond my consciousness and understanding.

I when I read the release of the game I was shocked. How can you kill 12 bosses, get almost 30 achievements! And it still needs to look after the pumping of the characters.

I certainly couldn't do it on my own. I turned to the leprestore team for nyalotha normal carry . 

This will significantly reduce the time of the raid.

Posted: 03-02-20 13:20 by irmana

I tried how to play. But for me it was difficult.

Posted: 04-02-20 08:36 by sereb