Are my A level choices ok? will it be enough to get me into top 10 uni?

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A level: Economics, Government and politics, Law and Business studies. I wish to study a business related subject at Uni e.g. banking and finance, business and management etc. Are they really soft subjects? will unis like them?

Note I'm targeting for AAA(B) or AAB(B)

(B) = only AS

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Posted: 26-04-12 18:22 by Hello :)

I would think that Maths is a must but check the uni websites that you are interested in as they often tell you what alevels they want for particular subjects.

Posted: 26-04-12 18:40 by Sophie

UNis dont look at buisness studies as a propper As any more

Posted: 26-04-12 20:35 by Nikhil Pillai