Arabic GCSE Help!!!!

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Im in year 10 and im arabic and can speak fluent arabic, understand it (when i listen to it and respond to it) and i can read and write it aswell.

I want to apply to do a GCSE in it but i dont know how or which exam board does it!!

would appreciate help and advice!

Thanks :)

Posted: 02-06-12 16:28 by Nizbizzzz :)

Edexcel does..

Posted: 05-06-12 18:20 by Jameela

im doing my arabic gcses aswell, ive only got writing to go which is going to be on monday :/

anyway, go to your options teacher or a language teacher and simply tell them that you want to do arabic gcse and you think you will be able to do well in it. i did this with my french teacher and we sat down and sorted it out. REMEMBER if you want to do it next year, tell them early on so they can get the papers and if your school dosent do arabic (like mine) then they need to contact a arabic speaking examiner to do your speaking exam. i personally had to go to do my speaking in a different school where they do arabic.

edexcel does arabic. if you really do think you can do it. i STRONGLY recomend in you doing this? you said your fluent? well it will be eaasyyyy for are some exam papers from 2009 check them out..

DONT FORGET to tell the teacher that your fluent! so they know that theyre not wasting time with you!

good luck!!! amna **

Posted: 09-06-12 12:19 by amna

Thank you amna!!

im not very good at writing? im a bit dodgy on that and the same with reading! what do you think i should do????

other than that, i tried a listening and it was easy and I can speak fluent and respons as well.

thanks :)

Posted: 10-06-12 15:19 by Nizbizzzz :)

i personally think you should do it! youll have plenty of time to polish up your reading and writing! personally i found reading really easy this year.

oh and remember with speaking you have to prepare like a monologue that should last about 3 minutes long. (i did mine on a holiday) then the examiner asks you about your presentation with a few questions. after that shes asks you questions that you have looked at before.

have you seen the writing paper? i find writind quite difficult but with practice i promise you will get better :)

just try the tests out. youve got plenty of time till you need to make a decision and tell a teacher i told my teacher around October...

your welcome :)

Posted: 10-06-12 21:33 by amna