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Agh so nervous!

Share your revision tips (last minute) and good luck everyone! 

Zoe X

Posted: 17-06-12 19:46 by Former Member

i have the same exam!!! i am doing tourism, population growth and changing urban environments xD but its my last i am kinda nervous and excited xD ***

i am just reading through notes and looking at the marking schemes for previous papers... xD ***

anyway...GOODLUCK for ur exam xD ******x

Posted: 17-06-12 19:50 by Namita

Well i'm in year ten so it's no where near my last unluckily, we just do the units the other way around so it's easier to resit this one if you need to! And same i think, question 1,2 and 6:-) and i'm doing the same except with past paper questions too!

And thankyou so much! Good luck too!xxxx

Posted: 17-06-12 19:56 by Former Member

oh...well be glad u r finishing of human geog now...physical is the one i enjoyed and i wish i was doing that instead on human xD *** goodluck anyway xD i am sure u will be fine :) ***x

Posted: 17-06-12 19:58 by Namita

Oh good! I like these topics though so it's all okay,could be doing much worse exams tomorrow haha! And aw thankyou, I hope so! xxxx

Posted: 17-06-12 20:00 by Former Member

well u r lucky u enjoy human geog then xD ***xx and u r welcome xD ***

Posted: 17-06-12 20:03 by Namita

help iv got my gcse unit 2 geography exam tomorrow and i really need help cos im so nervous iv no clue what im doing people and the planet .sooooooooooo help please

Posted: 17-06-12 20:40 by beth

It depends what your schools doing,you only answer three questions - the ones you've learnt **

Posted: 18-06-12 07:36 by Former Member