AQA Unit 2 Chemistry 24/05

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Does anyone have a mark scheme for this paper. Obviously it won't be the official AQA one but if know the answers please post a mark scheme. And how did everyone find the exam. I though it was really hard because there wasn't as much maths in it as I'd hoped, that's where I pick up most of my marks

Posted: 26-05-12 16:43 by You know it

I don't think anyone has because the exam has only just been taken. We can compare our answers though if you like.

I personally found the Biology person much harder mainly because they've changed the style of the exam paper and there are now much more reading to do, and I'm a slow reader :/

I finished the Chemistry paper with 20 minutes spare, but had 9 minutes to finish the last two questions for Biology :'(

How did you find the exams?

Posted: 26-05-12 22:05 by FutureMedic