AQA UMS Mark Conversion

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Hey guys, 

This is for everyone doing the science exams on the AQA board. This is a tool on the official AQA webiste to work out UMS marks which decide your grades so  check it out... also I have worked out my scores, but I was wondering if it is correct... so could you guys try it out for yourself and tell me if you think its correct?


Posted: 25-05-11 11:56 by N. M

Ty, I was also wondering... on my results of the science modules which I did in January (B2,C2,P2) - on the results sheet it said 100, 95, 88 which were the marks I had got back... is this the percentage out of 45 or UMS... Just wondering because maybe you had got it the same way 

Thanks anyways :P

Posted: 25-05-11 16:41 by N. M