AQA Mech1 formula

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In the specification for 'AQA AS 2012 AS Module Mechanics 1' it says: "Formula for range, time of flight and maximum height should not be quoted in examinations." [<-Referring to projectiles]

-Does this mean I will not need to calculate the range, flight time and max height of a projectile, or does it just mean I will have to calculate them without using prearranged formula?

The prearranged formula I have are:

Max Height = ((u sinθ)^2) / (2g)

Range = (u cosθ) x ((2 u sinθ) / g)

Flight time = (2 u sinθ) / g

[u = initial velocity]

[g = vertical acceleration = 9.8ms^-2]

[θ = angle of projection]

[Range = horizontal displacement]

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