AQA, how would you structure an answer?

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I'm answering Inspector Calls and To Kill a Mockingbird.

To Kill a Mockingbird contains the extract and the rest of the novel.

Whereas Inspector Calls will contain a thematic or character question.

What is the best way to answer this to gain the most amount of marks.

Posted Mon 21st May, 2012 @ 15:48 by ellie

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Im studing thoes books too. i would say make sure you have a good intro and conclusion because thats what the examiner reads first and last, make sure you grammer is correct and go in with a cool head. If you can back up your points with quotes (although this might be hard in to kill a mockingbird because its quite a big book). Always plan, then you know what your going to write, however dont spend ages planning because you only have 45 mins for each section!

Good luck!

Answered Mon 21st May, 2012 @ 16:17 by Libby
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write about 4-5 paragraphs depending on the marks avalible and write the usual PEE paragraphs but make sure you add a bit on in the same paragraph after the explain to write about the writers technique like use of language and punctuation etc then write a conclusion to sumnevery thing up. Also plan your answer before you write. Here's some notes I made on exam technique:

Good luck :)

Answered Mon 21st May, 2012 @ 19:25 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR