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what resources did people use for the french gcse aqa exams i.e listening and reading

and what results did you get! ***

Posted: 28-08-12 18:32 by genius55

I used a copy of the Specification Vocabulary that my teacher gave me ( I filled in what I could and then checked my answers against a version on Kerboodle which had the English translations in (if you don't have access to this, a dictionary should do the job - albeit a bit more slowly!)

I did any of the Past Papers we hadn't done in lessons at home ( Also found it useful to read through the Examiners' Reports to see where people went wrong and for tips on question styles.

Papers from other Exam Boards might also be useful - but bear in mind that some of the vocabulary and the question styles will be a bit different (so take any scores 'with a pinch of salt').

Try not to panic about it - lots of people say that French is impossible; my old French teacher always said that Foreign Languages were 90% self belief.

Basically, Vocabulary and practice!!

I managed an A* on both papers.

Good luck! :D

But remember that (as they constantly say) it's about finding what works best for YOU!

Posted: 12-09-12 19:09 by Former Member

Basically what CE96 has said! Past papers are a must for revision, I think they're the best preparation technique!

And for listening, bbc has quite a few listening clips which are useful and they also have a 'mock exam': the main page for French.

If you have the AQA textbook, try to learn all the vocab at the end of each topic as some of these words will most likely appear in the exam.

Don't worry too much about it! Just do as much revision as you can! I was very worried myself about the listening paper but I managed to achieve an A in it and got A* overall! :) Good luck!

Posted: 28-09-12 20:52 by furuba fan

thank you guys sooo much and well done for getting A* !!!

Posted: 25-11-12 08:49 by genius55