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has anyone else just got the Specification from the first question of the Exam, it goes something like design and make a savoury or sweet biscuit to suit someone with special dietry needs. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips about what to do or any specific biscuits that would be suitable. 

Posted: 16-03-13 15:22 by Holly

yep .. we still havent started our preparation in lesson.. but the things you would have to do in the exam is annoate like two biscuit designs..would flapjacks count ?

think about like dietary need.. diabetes ??? so maybe low in sugar those who are watching the weight.. 

sorry its not much help, my teacher hasnt gone through it yet, once she does i might be able to help u a bit more

Posted: 16-03-13 15:56 by ? Secret - Team GR

ok thanks for that i dont think flapjacks count as i did ask my teacher but i suppose if you put some dried fruit in them they could be counted as high fibre

Posted: 18-03-13 21:06 by Holly

sorry i was no use.. hopefull can help you once our coursework is out the way.. wat biscuits are u doin for the exam ??

Posted: 19-03-13 16:57 by ? Secret - Team GR

we've been told the best ones would be to do shortbread, and make them suitable for coeliacs.

another one would be to make normal biscuits and decorate them differently and do them for diabetics or for lactose intolerant.

you can do quite a bit with this topic though...

Posted: 19-03-13 18:08 by Chloe-may

Hi There!

Dietary requirements that you could consider include:

Low fat diet


Gluten Free(Coeliac)


Lactose Intolerant

So you could pick from any of those above, then you would need to specify what could be done, so for example  lot of biscuits contain eggs and egg is quite a common allergy now a days so you could make one without eggs, then here re some other ideas for the other dietry requirements; you could also use gluten free flour, reduced sugar content, no nuts, sugar substitute etc.

Hope this helps :)

Posted: 24-03-13 11:52 by x_Livi_x

thanks :)

these are some ideas my teacher gave for possible biscuits you could make..

gluten free cheese biscuit, seedysavoury biscuit, granola bar, flapjacks, gluten free cheese straws, peanut butter cookies.

if theres any you want me to give details about and how it meets teh brief, let me know :)

Posted: 27-03-13 22:04 by ? Secret - Team GR