AQA English poetry exam Thursday

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Hi, is anyone doing the English literature poetry exam on Thursday on the 'characters and voice' cluster? How are you revising for it and what questions do you think will come up?

Posted: 22-05-12 18:50 by Joanne

Was just about to make a dicussion like this lool, to revise i basically re-annotated all the poems and made revision cards on the structure/form/themes. Also, ive written maybe 4/5 essays and got my teacher to mark :) I have a feeling that attitudes towards death with portrait of a deaf man and also how a character is presented in a poem like horse whisperer may come up! wbu?

Posted: 22-05-12 19:33 by Lamise Hassan

I'm really scared about this. I'm revising using GCSE Bitesize and doing past exam questions. I think On a Portrait of a Deaf Man is coming too. Gotta revise that.

Posted: 22-05-12 19:39 by ax5za