AQA English Language & Lit - Streetcar, Eden Close &/or Kite Runner?

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Would like to share views/techniques with anyone else who is doing any of these. Especially Eden Close haha nightttmare!

Posted: 03-05-12 22:05 by Nadine

I am currently doing all 3 of these for my exam. What sort of view/techniques are you looking for?

Posted: 05-05-12 13:45 by hannah smith

Um well Eden close do u know any main bits of speech to learn or what do I have to learn for it? Streetcar what things earn us marks?

Posted: 07-05-12 22:25 by Nadine


animal imagery - Stanley
Moth metaphor - blanche
devotion to stanley, putting passion before family - Stella
eunice and steve - show stanley and stellas future (foreshadowing)
streetcar - represents sex and passion key quote "that rattle streetcar?" "have you never ridden on the streetcar named desire?" "it brought me here" --> stella and blanche, blanche showing that sex and passion is the reason of her downfall

ermmm.. thats a good start? :') the york notes books are really good to use :)  

Posted: 09-05-12 13:22 by ellie

any other points you can think of? those links are some i wouldnt have thought of!

Posted: 10-06-12 14:49 by Sasha

Women being used as possessions in the sense that when Stanley is with Stella and Mitch is alone, Mitch is seen to be a somewhat beta male with no power or authority. However when Mitch and Blanche are together Mitch entirely switches to a more Stanley role with more authority than before.

Posted: 20-06-12 15:22 by Syed Afjal Ali

For Kite Runner remember to state that the novel itself is a bildungsroman (A novel dealing with a person's development)

Posted: 20-06-12 15:25 by Syed Afjal Ali

make a short summary on what happens in every chapter/scene and a few quotes that have must be open to interpretation and look at the following;

1) the audience and purpose



4)lexical choices


the 5 are the best things you could remember to include in section A of the paper. but its best to panic now than in the exam.

Posted: 07-12-12 13:25 by lina