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mine is =/ and i havent done any revision ... oops ... i really don't know what to revise and also how to revise?? HELP!!! =)

Posted: 21-06-11 11:35 by manga fan =D

Hi Amy Kid

Yes Mines On Art Deco,

& oh yeah shannon do you need to bring in colouring pencils to the exam? x

Posted: 21-06-11 13:03 by sonia

I've just been doing lots of notes/posters etc and past papers. And yeah you do need colouring pencils for the exam :) **

Posted: 21-06-11 16:01 by Amy kidd

Oh okay thanks for tthat amy. What exactly have you been revising then? Sorry i keep on asking questions lol but i seriously don't know what to do "/ well i do but i just wanna make sure that am prepared for tommorow **

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Posted: 21-06-11 16:42 by sonia

Yeah its tomorrow i'm brickin it but i have a plan to do the best possible you might want to try it or share any of yours - if you have any :L.

I'm going to go through section B first and do all the questions i can but leave the ones I struggle on rather than wasting time. Then I'll do section a, before finally going back to the questions i couldn't do and at least trying them, because if i leave them blank i definitely won't get any points whereas if i at least try them there's a chance of me getting some if not all of the marks.

Posted: 21-06-11 19:41 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

Am going to do pretty much the same. Going to start of with section B as thhat has more marks a to be gained. &if i do find something hard am not going to spend too much time on it just go onto the next question and so on..

Am just going to try my best, put all my effort in and keep revising forr now (y)

Posted: 21-06-11 19:47 by sonia


I hope you will get the grades you guys want =)


Posted: 21-06-11 19:55 by manga fan =D

Does anyone have notes on seams. I dont know anything about them for the exam tomorrow!!!


Posted: 21-06-11 20:20 by Sonam Dubb

guys do we have to design a art deco BAG tommorow? or don't we know what we have to design until we do the paper? pls let me know asap x

Posted: 21-06-11 22:05 by sonia

Soooo .... people how did it go???

Hope it went well for all of you  guys =D .... you deserve the best!!!!!!!!


Posted: 22-06-11 14:38 by manga fan =D

how was the exam??? i thought it was okay but struggled with the start of section B **

Posted: 22-06-11 17:19 by TayaMairead

How'd your exams go guys?? I think mine went pretty well. There was only one question that I struggled on but that was only one Mark so fingers crossed for everyone!!! What what your bag deisgns like? The one I chose in the end was based around the empire state building haha **

Posted: 23-06-11 09:09 by Amy kidd

Mine was kinda ok, but i ran out of time to go back to the questions i'd missed out :/. I think I might have to resit, but i'll just have to wait and see. Our invigilator had a mousey face and she wasn't happy when i carried on finishing my sentence at the end haha :L

Posted: 23-06-11 19:31 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

our invigilator did my head in with her coughing the whole time!! hehe ** my bag design was all bag and the features were in bright bold colours - pretty proud of it tbh! and shannon - i dont think you'll have to resit!

Posted: 24-06-11 17:02 by TayaMairead

gosh it seems that textiles is a really important subject for you guys =D ... what do you guys wanna be later??? =)

i just had to take (had no choice) because our school is a tech school -_-" ... but i don't think i regretted it =D


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Posted: 24-06-11 19:53 by manga fan =D

Its not important to what i want to be but I'm a perfectionist - I wanna be a lawyer :D

Posted: 27-06-11 08:20 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

Erm shush up shannon !! :D you know I want to be a lawyer! :P or a science teacher or a forsensic scientist or a professional dancer/ choreographer ** :D

Posted: 27-06-11 08:30 by TayaMairead

=D ... oh i see nothing to do with textiles xD


Posted: 27-06-11 11:47 by manga fan =D

No - we did an option this year (9) because the school thought it would be a nice opportunity - there were only three GCSE options out of the eleven and we wanted a gcse but we didn't want to do product design because it's not very good - we wanted to do history but not in year nine because it doesnt count toward the english baccalaureate ** x

Posted: 27-06-11 15:12 by TayaMairead

oh i see =) ... so you've got one more gcse =D ... GREAT!


Posted: 27-06-11 19:46 by manga fan =D

Yeah!! =D

Posted: 27-06-11 19:48 by TayaMairead

I hope everyone got what they wanted!! **

Posted: 30-08-11 13:39 by Georgina