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aww thats very sweet, i like it! cute x

Posted: 03-06-11 16:39 by Georgina

=/ ... i'm sure it's going to be fine =)

Posted: 03-06-11 17:28 by manga fan =D

Wow it's really pretty :) **

Posted: 05-06-11 11:50 by Amy kidd

Thanx you all, but that's just the outside, the seams are a mess and everything, that's why I'm so scared about the moderator coming in!! :/ **

Posted: 06-06-11 18:42 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

i made a wall hanging inspired by other cultues -  and shannon - dont speak about our textiles teacher like that!! :'( i know it prob sounds like im joking!! she only wants us to do well! :O

Posted: 06-06-11 22:47 by TayaMairead

no she doesn't she hates me x

Posted: 07-06-11 08:45 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

i get how you feel. Its so obvious that my history teacher hates me. i once did really well in this exam we did, i got a A and was 1 mark off an A* and my friend was like oh well done amy you did really well, thats only one mark off an A*, and she was like, Yes well its still a rubbish grade anyway. i was like :o! excuse me. Oh and she once told me that i should go down the park with a bottle of vodka instead of being in school because i didnt belong there. that now probably makes me seem like a real **** at school but im an A grade student. she truly truly hates me...

Posted: 07-06-11 09:53 by Amy kidd

omg amy ... that is soo mean of your teacher!!! =/ ... did you even do something to her???

i just dont get why teacher HATES some student .. i'm like what is the point???

Posted: 07-06-11 17:39 by manga fan =D

Omg amy that's so mean!! The thing with my teacher is that she hates some of us and loves others - she hates me and once this girl started chattin and being hyper sitting next to me, so my teacher said to me, get to the back of the class I can't trust you sittin next to her - and it wasn't me who even did anything!! she well annoys me!!

Posted: 07-06-11 17:54 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

I no its soo annoying!! And the thing is I didn't even do anything wrong. We were talking about history!! Oh and there's this girl in my class who always eats. I would put money on it that she would eat in class infect everyone always eats. So the one time I do she bloody goes off on one again. So glad I don't have her next year lol **

Posted: 08-06-11 07:47 by Amy kidd

haha shannon - she loves me! but u do get too hyper at times - you've gotta accept it  - you know you do!! Anyway she gave u an A2L of 1 so she doesn't hate you - i mean she gave kayleigh a 3 - and shes not as bad !! :0 and Amy  - i don't think teachers can say stuff like that! :/ i'd report her/ him!!!!!!!!!!! x

Posted: 08-06-11 17:26 by TayaMairead

Yeah I didn't think they were allowed to say stuff like that either but I just thought, I've only got a few months left at school, (it happened about 2 months ago lol) and I didn't think there was really any point, specially as I'm not taking it for a levels. I kinda wish I had tho hehe **

Posted: 08-06-11 18:59 by Amy kidd

Maybe I do get hyper sometimes Taya but she starts on me before I do anything and that's what really annoys me :0

Posted: 10-06-11 08:26 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

i know shannon! you dont have to remind me - i sit right near you!!!!!!!! anyway - after the exam we can do what we like and just sew at a machine and mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 12-06-11 20:46 by TayaMairead

yeah haha

Posted: 14-06-11 16:42 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

Yup - time for ********* revision now! :) just got to finish my flashcards and revise the on camp and do a few more past papers - miss said we might do another mock on thursday - she doesn't know :s

Posted: 14-06-11 17:03 by TayaMairead

I hope not I'm sick of them, Helen's still not give me my keywords back yet!

Posted: 14-06-11 19:12 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

yess iam doing it next week "/

i have no idea what to doooooooooo helpppppppppppppppp

Posted: 18-06-11 10:53 by sonia

Hey Sonia, the best thing to do is go through any past papers you can get hold of, and use all the resources on this site. If you've already been revising, you should be fine :)

Posted: 19-06-11 18:07 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

Yes yes yes! the moderator's not coming in to look at my dres!!!! :)

Posted: 19-06-11 18:08 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

anyone got any tiops on revising

Posted: 20-06-11 11:11 by Sophie Cooper

Thankss shannon, do u know any websites i can get past papers form? and the thing is i havnt been revising because i have no idea on what to revise. i had foodposioing fr 2weeks just about as when we where going to leave school and now i carnt see my teacher as she works in two schools and mainly at the other school and not mine. so am really dreading this exam "/

Posted: 20-06-11 17:18 by sonia

Sonia, I got this paper, its a mock, not a past paper, but its just as good. It also comes with a mark scheme. Click on the textiles mock paper, and then use the mark scheme to check and mark your answers.

Also, the AQA website has two past papers and mark schemes.

Click on key materials, then past question papers and mark schemes, then select a series - june 2010. It should give you the paper and mark scheme, but you will nead adobe reader to open them. If you don't have it, its free to download at:

Hope this all helps!! :) Good luck to you all for the exam :)

Posted: 20-06-11 20:15 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR

aww thanks sooo much shannon! yeah iv looked at the aqa past paper that was pretty hard dont u think?

il check the bitesize on now.

many thankss & good luck to youu aswell x

Posted: 20-06-11 22:43 by sonia

Guys is your exam tomorrow on art deco? **

Posted: 21-06-11 11:28 by Amy kidd