AQA Controlled assessment

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I'm with AQA and apparently I am going to do another controlled assessment soon, does anyone know what its gonna be about? :)

Posted: 03-06-11 21:15 by Sara

it could be a speaking or a writing otherwise i can't say because the teachers can more or less set anything. however it would probably be around the topic you've recently been doing.

Posted: 04-06-11 13:33 by Pui Pui

yeah thanks, do you know how i could revise for spanish? I need to do better in reading and listening... :/ thankyou :)

Posted: 04-06-11 14:47 by Sara

well... i didn't revise much but learning the vocabulary will help.

are you in year 10 or 11?

Posted: 04-06-11 15:40 by Pui Pui

year 10 - and I cant get my head around to learning all the tense endings! I have them written down but they are soo hard to remember!! Will I have to remember them all for the exams in year 11??

Posted: 04-06-11 15:42 by Sara

no because it gives you the spanish so its easy to work out.

you need them for your contralled assesments. for those, just memorise what your going to say or write.

for the writing your allowed a dictionary so you can look it up in the verb tables if your stuck

Posted: 04-06-11 15:46 by Pui Pui

oh okay, feww :) Thank you! :)

Posted: 04-06-11 15:50 by Sara

its fine

good luck

Posted: 04-06-11 15:51 by Pui Pui

oooh, controlled assessments! what my school did is:

  • teacher teaches you for a period of time
  • teacher gives you task and a two week period before your exam (teacher can no longer provide help!)
  • you do the exam at the end of the two weeks.

in our two weeks, we wrote an essay (for writing) and memorised it and wrote in down in the hour you're given for the exam and for the speaking, you write a speech (1/3 mins) and you're given a bank of questions you could be asked so prepare answers for all the questions and learn them! but try to sound spontaneous when you're saying what you've already prepared! but your school may do it differently :)x

Posted: 05-06-11 11:07 by Kelly:)

Thanks ! :) x

Posted: 05-06-11 11:44 by Sara

no problemo! good luck :) x

Posted: 05-06-11 12:40 by Kelly:)