AQA Chemistry exam 24/05/2012 Unit 2 and 3

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I did unit 2 and 3 Chemistry AQA today and was wondering what other people had found it? I thought unit 2 was okay but really struggled on unit 3 when many people found the other way round so I'm a bit worried :/ 

Posted: 24-05-12 17:16 by Jemima

yeah i did unit 2, it was ok

Posted: 24-05-12 20:20 by asdfghjkl

yeah i did c3 , the egg shell question was well hard 

Posted: 25-05-12 06:33 by Connah Greenhalgh - Team GR

I did them both as well. :/
Unit 3 was horrible, but Unit 2 was a little better. Hopefully the grade boundaries will be low for the papers. Otherwise I'm not sure that I will have scraped a pass, let alone the A/A* I'm predicted to get.

Posted: 25-05-12 07:58 by Bexie

I did unit 3. it wasn't so bad but it was really wordy, with lots of random and irrelevant stuff in it. And there were loads of calculations as well, and i hadn't revised them at all. It think the grade boundaries are lower for chemistry than the rest of the sciences anyway (according to my friends at least). 

Posted: 25-05-12 09:27 by Maddie

I found that Unit 2 was okay, but Unit 3 was a lot harder. The egg shell question was confusing because it was as if you just had to repeat exactly what it said in the question for the answers? Or was that wrong?

Posted: 25-05-12 12:36 by Emmy

I did Unit 3 and felt it was ok except of course the egg shell question 

Posted: 25-05-12 12:42 by Dilly

I did unit 2 and found it really hard. There were lots of questions where you either knew it or you didn't and Unfortunatly I didn't. I like the maths questions like the empirical formula but there weren't many of them. Thats where I pick up my marks

Posted: 26-05-12 16:46 by You know it

LOL! That's where I drop my marks!

Posted: 01-06-12 10:18 by Hannah