AQA A2 PSYA3 exam 17th june 2011

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what topics are you revising?

Posted: 19-05-11 11:28 by F

I am studying Relationships, Eating Behaviour And Depression

What About You?? 

Ashlee :)

Posted: 30-05-11 21:21 by Ashlee

Aw i'm not doing any of those..

My topics are biological rhythms, perception and aggression..

Hows ur revision going?

I still need to start.. kinda panicking about it

Posted: 03-06-11 12:42 by F

Sorry Im Doing Eating Behaviour, Relationships And Aggression

My Revision Is Going Well

Need 2 Revise Soon Or None Of It Won't Go In

Don't Panic Or Rush Through for your revision, or you feel more ill - prepared

make sure you go through all the topics that you find difficult first and make sure you know your AO2 And AO3 properly

Good Luck :D

Posted: 06-06-11 08:31 by Ashlee

Ohh thanks =)

Yh i just wish i made my notes sooner..

how you finding the aggression topic...

My teacher thinks ithe neuronal and hormonal explanation could come up but not sure if it will

Posted: 07-06-11 11:52 by F

Really, Aggression is hard but my teacher is WHACK and she is not very good. 

Im ok at it though, hope neural and hormones come up than evolutionary explanations!!

Neural and hormones are sertonin, dopamine and testerone

Good Luck

Posted: 07-06-11 16:54 by Ashlee

HEY GUYS ! im doing this exam too!

Im studying Eating Behaviour, Aggression and Relationships.

i have amazing recources on all 3 topics and i am currently making some cool vids for you guys to watch on you tube! if you need recources then just email me

[email protected] i will provide! :D

i am about to post a vid about the specification, cheat sheets, quick revision tips and what is NOT going to appear on the test!

God Bless... i hope to hear from BOTH of you!


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Posted: 08-06-11 12:41 by Patrice Stephens

Hello,  I'm studying Aggression, Relationships, and Eating behaviour.

What do we need to know with regards to eating behaviour?

I was taught about anorexia nervosa by a subteacher, but my resources are about obesity.

Confused dot com much? :l 

Posted: 08-06-11 15:49 by Adam Calder

Hey Adam! no need to be confused!

1st let me address your dilemma, you only have to know 1 eating disorder! study one very thoroughly and forget the other. so if you have recources on obesity then focus on that. dont waste time learning anorexia!

 ok so basically with regards to eating behaviour you need to know the following...

  • Attitudes to food AND factors effecting attitudes to food. you only have to know 2 factors, my strong factors are mood and culture. not sure the ones you've focused on.
  • social learning theory of eating behaviour
  • social cognition models of eating behaviour
  • biological explanations of eating behaviour (neuromechanisms and and evolutionary theory) you only have to know ONE of these! my advice would be to study one thouroughly and vaguely study the other.

and TWO MORE ...

  • Dieting (failure and success) Last seen June 2010
  • Eating disorders with biological and evolutionary explanations- Last seen Jan 2010

i have seperated these two because they are the least likely to appear on the test as they appreared last year!

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Posted: 08-06-11 16:26 by Patrice Stephens

I'm studying Aggression, Eating Behaviour and Gender.

I really wanted to do relationships though :(

Posted: 08-06-11 21:19 by Schela

Patrice Stephans do you know anything about perception? 

Posted: 10-06-11 19:56 by F

hey im doing perception aggression and relationships any idea whats likely to come up?

Posted: 11-06-11 16:30 by Julie


For perception, my teacher thinks bruce and young is going to come up.. I hate the model

Posted: 11-06-11 17:16 by F

thank you! but is your teacher definately sure? LOL

Posted: 11-06-11 17:49 by Julie

Well i hope so =)

Posted: 11-06-11 17:58 by F

Hey Patrice and Adam, Glad 2 Hear We Are Doing the Same Topics

The exam is a week away, any tips for maximum success??

keep calm, revise and just do your best in the exams

Make sure you focus on AO2/AO3 for great marks

Good Luck everyone!!! :D :) 

Posted: 12-06-11 11:20 by Ashlee