anyone wanna chatt?? xo

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Just wanna chat about how everyones exams are going?? year 10/11 reply to this xoxoxoxxoox

Posted: 19-06-12 13:58 by we-cant-sing-we-act

Year 11. Revising for physics P1 P2 and P3. How you doin'?

Posted: 19-06-12 14:02 by Blitzcrank

P4, P5 and P6*

Posted: 19-06-12 14:05 by Blitzcrank

cool...i'm revising for physics P1....exams tomorrow...:O then i also do maths english lit and language, ceramics short course, business short and art and

Posted: 19-06-12 14:07 by we-cant-sing-we-act

check out my resources...they will help with p1

Posted: 19-06-12 14:08 by we-cant-sing-we-act

Not bad. Tommorow is my last GCSE exam so I'm pretty pumped. I'm doing Physics at sixth form(hopefully) so there's a lot of pressure on this exam. You confident for your exam?

Posted: 19-06-12 14:09 by Blitzcrank

well...kind of...i did alright in biology and chemistry soo we'll see what happens :D

Posted: 19-06-12 14:13 by we-cant-sing-we-act

HI, i've finished all my exams and I'm just relaxing, it's so sunny outside, which makes a change.

Posted: 19-06-12 14:41 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

One more Exam and thats the physics one too i am taking it at sixth form 2 along with biology and chemistry so long as i get my grades :D

Posted: 19-06-12 15:59 by NoirRose

i just got 2 finish of sum coursework hehe 8P

Posted: 19-06-12 16:12 by aliimz

Just two Latin exams and Maths... The end is so near, I can taste it!!! :D

Posted: 19-06-12 16:13 by Hummi C

Raven are you in year 11 doing seperate OCR science as well then?

Posted: 19-06-12 16:15 by Blitzcrank

awwwww Hummi C cute pic

Posted: 19-06-12 16:15 by aliimz

Why thank you aliimz :) Yours isn't half bad either

Posted: 19-06-12 16:16 by Hummi C

half bad? pfft

JK i sooo adore it 


what u up to?

Posted: 19-06-12 16:17 by aliimz

I was joking, it's nice ;P


I'm just about to go swimming, then revise some Latin :/ You?

Posted: 19-06-12 16:18 by Hummi C

i know bbe 

i have a migraine 4rm shouting, dont ask 8O

Posted: 19-06-12 16:19 by aliimz

hehe :3

Ouch, who were you shouting at? (sorry, had to ask ;)

Posted: 19-06-12 16:21 by Hummi C

in my so called scool teachers can get u ****** of--- favouritist bstrd--- sorry, and so i had to shout at them to make a stupid point cuz they've got large egos

Posted: 19-06-12 16:22 by aliimz

You shouted at the teachers?! :O that's pretty badass.. Aren't you on study leave?

Posted: 19-06-12 16:24 by Hummi C

nope finished my exams though, funny cuz im going to the sixth form 

oops l8ers bbes ive gtg

Posted: 19-06-12 16:26 by aliimz

So why do you have to go to school then...? never mind :p

lol me too, buhbye :3

Posted: 19-06-12 16:28 by Hummi C

Just done physics P1...soooooo hard...failed...i **** @ physics :'((

Posted: 20-06-12 10:35 by we-cant-sing-we-act