anyone wanna be my revision chum?

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Posted: 29-03-12 10:05 by India Smith

I will

Posted: 29-03-12 10:05 by Clare Marsden

cheers! add me on msn, yippie

Posted: 29-03-12 10:06 by India Smith

Whats your msn then?

Posted: 29-03-12 10:06 by Clare Marsden

fluffykittens912 check out my msn profile too there are some funky photos of me on it.

Posted: 29-03-12 10:07 by India Smith

HAHAHAHAHAHA they are sooooooooooooo funny

Posted: 29-03-12 10:08 by Clare Marsden

what? aha they aren't meant to be. are you joking? cause I dont understand :'(((((((((((((((((((((((((

Posted: 29-03-12 10:09 by India Smith

Well they are quite funny...

Posted: 29-03-12 10:10 by Clare Marsden


Posted: 29-03-12 10:10 by India Smith

Some fo them are stunning though

Posted: 29-03-12 10:10 by Clare Marsden

i want to

Posted: 24-04-12 16:48 by Xenxen

ermmm....... How am I gonna help you revise??

BTW, if I do become your revision 'chum', will you help me to revise??


Posted: 26-04-12 13:06 by Fyzah :p