Anyone think the AQA exam board has been horrible this year?

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Pretty much all the exams I have done this year that use the AQA exam board at my school, have been vile this year - does anyone else think so?

Posted: 21-06-12 20:58 by Joanne

Definitely. I had an AQA History A exam - Medicine Through Time.

One of the source based questions was a picture of naked people taking part in the Olympics... what does that have to do with ANYTHING?

Edexcel on the other hand, have been nice ;D

Posted: 23-06-12 19:31 by Callum

actually for alevel they have been hard but gcse have been ok.. well thats the feedback i got 4rm others

Posted: 23-06-12 20:04 by SciTech

I found them ALRIGHT...both englishes was good, bio was nice, physics okay and chem HELL

Posted: 23-06-12 20:43 by Lamise Hassan

for all the exams I did on aqa i think most were ok. the english one was harder I didn't like question 6.

Posted: 23-06-12 21:36 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Oh yeah forgot about that...'both english lits were good'*

Posted: 23-06-12 21:42 by Lamise Hassan

me too english lit was fine

Posted: 23-06-12 22:11 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I thought physics was vile, English lit poetry wasn't that good and my German listening exam was awful :(

Posted: 23-06-12 22:41 by Joanne

Tbh my EDEXCEL was really bad for me :/ esp french list! AQA grade boundaries are usually quite good though

Posted: 23-06-12 22:44 by Lamise Hassan

lamise.. if u go on general dicussion.. can u answer my question on my discussion plz.. cos it luks like u do languages thanks

Posted: 23-06-12 23:11 by SciTech

wheres ur question posted?

Posted: 23-06-12 23:58 by Lamise Hassan

Oh, found it

Posted: 23-06-12 23:59 by Lamise Hassan

Are you on about the AQA Anthology exam that was on May 24th?

If so, I did the Conflict Cluster - that one wasnt too bad.

The unseen poem I thought was fairly easy too.

Posted: 24-06-12 09:07 by Callum

I found the english lit poetry ok, i did the character and voice cluster.

Posted: 24-06-12 12:59 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I'm still mourning how little the circulatory system came up on the AQA B3 paper :'( as in, not at ALL fume WHY!?!?!?!? I KNEW THAT BIT! sob

Posted: 24-06-12 20:08 by Neon

I thought the AQA geography exam wasn't too hard and english lit wasn't too bad either

Posted: 25-06-12 18:54 by Lollipop

AQA was horrible with my French and Spanish listening exams! They really made it tougher this year. And I found english poetry quite hard too. 

Posted: 27-06-12 18:26 by furuba fan