Anyone look at some essays for me?

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I wonder if anyone would look at soem ethics essays for me and tell me what they think.

I'd be gratefuol to anyone who would respond



Posted: 06-02-11 00:50 by Stanley

Go on then, post them on here.

Posted: 17-02-11 21:48 by Gianluca Martin Ryan Smith

yhh sure why not =)

Posted: 22-02-11 20:46 by Rezwana

I'll have a look. =)

Posted: 25-02-11 17:56 by Oliver

ill have a go

Posted: 28-02-11 17:09 by marie

Does anybody study A2 AQA religious Studies and Human Experience? The perceptions of ultimate reality unit? as i really need help on what to revise. I would really appreciate it. 

Posted: 01-03-11 17:19 by rupi

Yeh sure, put them up

Posted: 14-03-11 21:50 by Jack

Please, anyone out there that is studying perceptions of ultimate reality AQA Unit 4. Please help me as I'm confused as to what I need to revise. 

Posted: 16-03-11 18:18 by rupi

yeah send them to me, the format has changed now hasn't it? Well for philosophy and ethics anyways :)

Posted: 24-03-11 19:35 by Emma Etherington