anyone know any lens curvature equations?

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Does anyone know how to work out the curvature of a lens using the thickness and the diameter of the lens to work it out. My teacher said you could find it one the internet but I can't find any. Can anyone help? :(

Posted Mon 15th April, 2013 @ 19:05 by Min

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I have absolutely, no idea.

I'm studying A2 Physics, AQA, and I assume you're doing the same. 

However, I cannot find anything on this, nor have I seen any past-paper questions on the topic.

After a quick googling, I returned no further lines of enquiry. 

By which I mean, I have absolutely no idea what your teacher was talking about. I advise questioning him/her on the topic as soon as possible. If (s)he does explain it to you, please let me know, as I'm very interested! 

Answered Mon 15th April, 2013 @ 23:17 by Gareth Collins (Ex-Team-GR)
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Same with me. Ive tryed Aqa and can't find any!!?!?! Let me know too please :) Thanksss x

Answered Tue 16th April, 2013 @ 17:35 by Crystal Blue ♥
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I can't find anything about the thickness of the lens in my books (AQA Unit 5 Student Support Materials, CGP A2 Revision Guide & Complete Practice + A2 Book for AQA Physics A)

I've even checked the syllabus. It's not there.

If it's not in the syllabus, it's probably not going to be examined.

I'd question your tutors on it.

Only equations that are there are about Lens lengths, angles subtended by images/objects and ray diagrams. Is that what you're looking for?  

Answered Tue 16th April, 2013 @ 19:58 by Gareth Collins (Ex-Team-GR)