Anyone know a good way to structure your answers?

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yeah for sect a and b

Posted Fri 3rd May, 2013 @ 17:25 by Bethany Trace

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This for aqa gcse?

Section A

Q1 is straightforward and just write everything in the question, personally I have memorised a full mark answer for that one.

For 2,3,4 - Start with an introduction linking to the question, saying what you were working on or reheasing etc.

Then for a PERFORMANCE question - write a description of what you did at a particular moment, say:

  • where you were on stage
  • at least 3 things about how you moved
  • Your facial expression
  • use 3 adjectives to describe voice
  • Use key words: posture, gait, stance, proxemics, idiosyncracy, eye contact, pitch, pace, pause, tone, power, diction emphasis.
  • mention the audience reaction.

eg Standing CS, I stepped towards the other character in a heavy gait, I used both hands and curled them around the other characters collar, then pulled them towards me and upwards so they had to stand on tiptoes. These close proxemics showed how my character had a higher status than mine. I then said the line "I detest you" it an angry tone, at a slow pace, I put emphasis on the word detest to show how much I hated him. During this I held eye contact with him and bared my teeth while lowering my eyebrows. All of these things showed how angry I was and made the audience scared for the other character.

You may would do another description of a different moment.

In the conclusion you would say a slight thing of how you could have improved it and then sum up your answer linking back to the question words.

In a REHEARSAL question, after the introduction you would go through steps in your descriptions,

  • eg I started by doing..., this didn't work because...
  • I then developed it and did this... this was better but still wasn't quite perfect....
  • Finally I did this... this worked perfectly as I felt it would provoke an intended reaction of this...from the potential audience.

You then do a small conclusion sum up.

If you are a slow writer you can miss out the middle desription and go straight from bad to good. Only the third description needs to be in huge amounts of detail.

Of course you would have to change it depending on whether it is a group or singular question but those are the main things with rehearsal and performance.

Answered Sat 4th May, 2013 @ 12:18 by CoolKid
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For section B on the first question you do a short intro about your piece saying:

  • name of piece
  • playwright
  • setting (where, when)
  • your character, name, age, three descriptive words
  • which scenes you did
  • short summary of what happens.

You then have to write about rehearsal and sometimes research in this question.

Describe and explain, include at least 2 detailed descriptions of how you did something, say why. If it is a research question say what research made you decide to do this in a short prequel sentence.

Then have a short conclusion sum up including key words.

The second question is normally a performance question. This is similar to the section A performance question just more detailed and maybe with more, detailed examples.

If it is a playwrights intentions question have some quotes from the play or the playwright that you can link to an example. For example, I did blue remembered hills and a quote from Dennis Potter (playwright) is "children are very cruel" and I link this in by saying I was a mean bully because of this.

Then again a short conclusion.

Hope this helps, if you need any more tips just ask as I have done a lot of extra work on drama so know quite a lot about it. :)

Answered Sat 4th May, 2013 @ 12:27 by CoolKid