Anyone have any revision notes for OCR AS Chemistry?

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I do have notes but i think it isn't in enough detail. Does anyone have any notes on whole of unit 1 or websites that is helpful?

Posted: 16-12-12 15:30 by Ella

sorry... im still on GCSE... :)

Posted: 16-12-12 16:04 by XXD!

Goodluck for your gcses :)

Posted: 16-12-12 16:07 by Ella

This website's okay I think I'll try to do some revision notes soon though :)

Posted: 16-12-12 21:37 by Joanne

Hiya, I have my revision notes on here, There a bit more condensed than a text book but still quite detailed so might not be what you want if you just want some quick notes

Posted: 17-12-12 14:44 by Ross Edwards

thanks for the website :)

notes are detailed which is what i wanted so yeahh thank you ross :)

Posted: 18-12-12 18:30 by Ella