anyone have any good methods of remembering dates?

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I can remember events and themes- just not the numbers! help!

Posted: 07-05-11 15:19 by Emily

What I like to do is put them in a timeline and use LOTS of colour and pictures associated with that event and time and then just read it again and again. Also, you can record yourself saying the time and events on yourphone/Ipod and just listen to it like 2 times a day and eventually you'll remember it !!!

Hope that helped and good luck!! :)

Posted: 07-05-11 16:49 by Sara

thankyou! good luck too :)

Posted: 08-05-11 12:48 by Emily

Thats allright and thanks!

Posted: 08-05-11 13:02 by Sara

hey this isnt really to do with dates but there is this leage of nations song on youtube its quite funny **

Posted: 08-05-11 20:19 by Maddy

Lol, I dont do league of nations in history but it was still quite funny! :D Is that you singing as well because if so then your not such a bad singer, well way better then I am!!! Lol thanks

Posted: 08-05-11 20:59 by Sara

haha no its not me singing i just found it:) yeah they are pretty good! dw ***

Posted: 09-05-11 07:33 by Maddy

The best method i have used is to cut up little pieces of paper and write the date on one side and the event on the other then have all the cards date side up and play a memory game with yourself. What I do is like say what event happened in that date then turn that card over until ive remembered them all then do it the other way by saying what day the event happened in. It really works :-) x

Posted: 09-05-11 20:34 by AnnaLouise

Lol yer thats actually quite good! thanks! :)

Posted: 09-05-11 21:05 by Sara

I like to link the numbers together. For example, there were 16,000 saloons in NY before prohibition, 32,000 after. This is double.

Or if the numbers have a theme. Like the number 4.

Oh and that song is really good! Love it, shame I did the League of Nations last year! :(

Posted: 23-05-11 10:23 by FiFi