Anyone got some really good pointers for the uni1 edexcel as gepgraphy exam?

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Hi, im taking the January Unit 1 exam and Geography is my weakest subject any hints or tips that helped people get through their exam? Would be very much appreciated.
Good luck to all those people sitting any exams.

Zara **

Posted Mon 24th December, 2012 @ 19:14 by Zara Nadeem

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I'm taking my first real as exam in january too, which is also geography. i got an a in my mock and i revised the same way for that as i am now. i think the best way to revise is to do lots of practice questions, so you are familiar with the questions and the paper, it also helps to reinforce the theory. make sure know understand the case studies and theory and revise these in the way that works for you. i find it helps if i rewrite my notes in bullet point form and do past papers, but some find mindmaps and flashcards helpful.

Answered Mon 24th December, 2012 @ 21:42 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR