anyone got jan exams??

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heyyy guys anyone got any exams this week???

i have business&economics on wednesdayy any tips on how best to retain knowledge lol ;)


Posted: 06-01-13 16:26 by Muzz :P

I have biology on fri!!! good luck with ur exams!

Posted: 06-01-13 16:31 by Sophie

I have 8 mocks and one English Speaking controlled assessment this week. Good luck with your exams.

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Posted: 06-01-13 16:52 by Sunset

I have three this week. All together I have 10 in January

Posted: 06-01-13 17:05 by Aleena

I have biology on wednesday, chemistry thursday and physics friday. 

Good luck everyone!

Posted: 06-01-13 17:07 by Tilly - Team GR

Ok cool stuff guys and GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO!!!

thanks for the advice ;) **

Posted: 06-01-13 17:08 by Muzz :P


Posted: 06-01-13 17:16 by Aleena

i have geography on monday 14th, any tips for last minute revision?

Posted: 06-01-13 18:20 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Psychology on Thursday and then an English mock the following week. ^_^ Good luck guys. x

Posted: 06-01-13 18:44 by Bexie


i hav a psychology exam on thursdaiii nd a maths exam on mondaii....ohh noo :'( help me!!!!

Posted: 07-01-13 11:05 by Sabah

I've got Biology on wednesday, 2 English exams on thursday and then chem and phys later in Jan! :S

Good Luck to everyone!!

Posted: 07-01-13 11:46 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

Biology, chemistry, maths and general studies! Music performing in Febuary! :(

Posted: 07-01-13 12:47 by Hannah

I've got one on Friday, and two next week as well as my driving test!

I've only just discovered the best way for me to revise - bigggg posters. The house is now covered in them. Give it a go!

Good luck to everyone

Posted: 07-01-13 16:54 by Fay

One more night until my Biology exam! Hope I've done enough revision!

On my mocks I got

49/60 for Physics (A*)

44/60 for Biology (A*)

41/60 for Chemistry (A) - It was about 2 more marks for an A

I've gotten 44/50 on my ISA, so hopefully, if I do bad in Chemistry again, it will help pull my grade up! ;D

Good luck everyone!

Posted: 08-01-13 19:40 by Windowswind

i have chemistry on 14h monday :)

Posted: 13-01-13 13:36 by alaya

I have 2 Physics exams (P1 and P2)..... Really dreading them.

Posted: 13-01-13 17:05 by Crystal Blue ♥