Anyone Got A Physics P3 Exam??

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i've got it on wednesday

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Posted: 28-05-12 12:07 by Angel_786

Yep, i do! :)

Posted: 28-05-12 14:18 by Nishat Ahmed

really, how is revsion going? :) i hate my physics teacher :L

Posted: 28-05-12 14:49 by Angel_786

It's alright thanks!
Just having some difficulty with the electromagnetic induction xD
We could revise together? Do you have msn? 

Posted: 28-05-12 14:55 by Nishat Ahmed

I've made some revision cards on electromagnetism if you need help

I've got my exam on Wednesday too and I'm worried ;/

Posted: 28-05-12 16:29 by Joanne

I do, i just want it all to be overrr

Posted: 28-05-12 17:15 by Lamise Hassan

I did mine last thursday!

Posted: 28-05-12 17:16 by Alice Deane

ive gt it bt i dnt knw anythin soooo yeah im gonna fail =D

Posted: 28-05-12 17:16 by Sabah x

ain u afraid of failing

Posted: 28-05-12 20:21 by Angel_786

I've got one as well, can't say I'm looking forward to it. D:

Lenses are going to trip me up. Especially when there's pretty much always a lens question. I just find them too difficult to draw all the different ray diagrams from memory. :S

Posted: 28-05-12 20:31 by Bexie

Mine's on Wednesday as well. I haven't even studied yet. Maybe later. Or not. =P

Posted: 28-05-12 20:37 by Re-Re

Angel_786 wrote:

ain u afraid of failing

 welll npe nt really =D

Posted: 28-05-12 21:04 by Sabah x