Anyone going on 'The Challenge'?

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It's for year 11s

Their website:

Are you? If you are - when are you going?

Posted Fri 15th June, 2012 @ 22:51 by FutureMedic

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:O! i was planning to go! xDD still deciding on the dates xDD

what date are u going? :D

Answered Fri 15th June, 2012 @ 22:52 by priya777
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Wow, i now know what the challenge is - i'm soo gonna do it!

Lots of planning though... how many people per team do you need? :)

Answered Sat 16th June, 2012 @ 13:58 by Leah
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Does this run during any 3 week period I choose? I can't do the first 2 weeks of holiday due to a holiday. 

Answered Sat 16th June, 2012 @ 14:33 by Frazer Bennett Wilford
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You can choose different dates, but you have to decide soon because I don't even know if there are any places left :O

I'm going on 14/7 - 30/7 :D

I don't think you get to decide who you'll be with.. There will be 12 team members per team. Yeah, it's between whenever you choose! You can change the date on their website (you should have your login details sent to you after you register)

Answered Sat 16th June, 2012 @ 16:16 by FutureMedic
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I'm going on this! I'm going at the start of august I think, I can't remember if its the 3rd or 8th :)

Answered Sat 16th June, 2012 @ 20:19 by Terrie
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I don't live in the right areas :(

Answered Sun 17th June, 2012 @ 13:30 by Leah