Anyone else applying to Oxbridge?

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Hoping to study Philosophy at Kings College, Cambridge here - but it's likely I'll be pooled (Kings gets a stupid amount of philosophy applicants) >.< I'm starting my revision months early as I need to get 93%+ in at least 3 AS levels (to be auto pooled).

So anyone else have big plans for uni? ^.^

I'm also squeezing in the AEA, EPQ and A2 Maths in the next few months to supplement my application :)

Posted: 30-01-13 18:58 by Sam Keene

I actually went to the Oxford University Islamic Society Open day a few months ago.....

I expected the students to be very posh and all that... but they werent... which was kinda good .....

Posted: 03-02-13 20:33 by Maryam