Anyone doing Unit A591: How the market works??

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and dont worry i'm sure you'll do well  do you get your results when you go back to school?? did u do the OCR exam board??

yeah i think you keep your best score but do u think i should redo unit 1 (the one i got a b in ) or do u think it will interfere with my year 11 subjects??

Posted: 01-09-12 18:03 by Miss-know-it-all <3

I got:

Sociology unit 1: A* and 100%!!

Chemistry C1: A

Physics P1: A

Geography B1: A

Economics: A

MathsA unit B: A

English lit: A* :)

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Posted: 05-09-12 18:01 by Gemma... ♥

Wow those results are great!!


you   be proud of yourself!!

Didn't you do biology?? and you know for your sciences, what exam board are u doing? i'm doing the new edexcel ones!!

thats good that you got an A in economics but u still got unit 2 (which is easy) and unit 3 to do so u could get an A* by the end!! goodluck!!

are u pleased with your results??

Posted: 05-09-12 18:14 by Miss-know-it-all <3

I'm really happy with my results!

We took the biology exam in November not in the summer and i got B. I think were doing the new edexcel ones aswell.

 So in economics what do you do in yr 11 as were just doing work for the 2 exams at the end of the yr but if you've already done them??

Posted: 07-09-12 17:08 by Gemma... ♥

that's good...

oh, r u doing triple science? i am. we did B1 and p1 in november ci in march and the 2's in may this year we r doin unit3

we r doing our second option now i chose history

Posted: 09-09-12 19:36 by Miss-know-it-all <3

I do core & additional science, not triple. Do you only do one option at a time? We do all 4 options and 6 core subjects at the same time **

Posted: 11-09-12 16:00 by Gemma... ♥

4 options?

i only got 2 options (economics and history-one for year 10 and one for year 11)

the subjects only my group has to do are:






English Literature (year 11)

IT (year 10)




Additional Maths

these subjects only my group does (we r the only group that does triple science) so i dont know, we couldnt choose a BTEC cuz we had geography and a language too.

so year we have one option for each year...

do u know when ur next exam is?

Posted: 12-09-12 18:31 by Miss-know-it-all <3

In our school all yr 10's and 11's have to do maths, english (some do english lit), science (additional science in yr 11), RE, PE & PD and then you get to pick 4 options and they can be BTEC's or GCSE's but some BTEC's count as two of your options. Triple science is classed as an option.

We take the science exams at the end of yr 11 but i have an english in January and could have some more in November or Jan.

Posted: 13-09-12 16:03 by Gemma... ♥

Where do you live?

Posted: 13-09-12 16:04 by Gemma... ♥

i am doing a resit for Maths in November ( i got an A last time but want an A* hopefully) and in January i got French exam and resits for English and Geography (i got a B in those)

I live in Birmingham wbu??

Posted: 14-09-12 17:54 by Miss-know-it-all <3

I live in Leicestershire. I'm going to resit my biology as i only got B and got A in the chemistry, physics & coursework but i don't think i'm resitting anything else. x

Posted: 15-09-12 13:21 by Gemma... ♥

Is Leicestershire the same as Leicester?? 

yeah its best to get the grade u want first time round resitting just consumes time!!

Posted: 16-09-12 12:14 by Miss-know-it-all <3

Sort of, its just like the surrounding area around leicester. I'm about 30mins from Leicester city centre.

Posted: 16-09-12 12:46 by Gemma... ♥

oh okay cool!


Posted: 20-09-12 19:47 by Miss-know-it-all <3