anyone doing the AS Maths exam on monday the 14th?

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if anyone wants to know.


2^(3) =8


so 2^(6x+9)


Posted: 14-01-13 22:56 by .

I just hope the grade boundary for a C is low :(

Posted: 14-01-13 23:05 by B.Yousef

Anyone know where and when I can find the unofficial mark scheme?

Posted: 14-01-13 23:19 by B.Yousef

Does anyone have the answers yet?

Posted: 14-01-13 23:57 by Tasleem

People looking for the unofficial markscheme, it is not legally allowed to come out until 24hours after the exam.

So I would just check later on today on TSR or something to see if it's up or not. 

Posted: 15-01-13 00:20 by .

ok....dis exam was HARD....i nearly cried :(

Posted: 15-01-13 20:24 by Sabah

Sabah wrote:

ok....dis exam was HARD....i nearly cried :(

I did cry! Twice! :(

Posted: 15-01-13 20:35 by B.Yousef

Yep unofficial is here: though idk if its good to see LOL i feel so angry over some mistakes i made

Posted: 15-01-13 21:46 by Lamise Hassan

Same! I feel like such an idiot! Hate maths :(

Posted: 15-01-13 21:49 by B.Yousef

Estimated grade boundaries are 59 for an A and 53 fo a B... I failed so bad though :( and this is the third time I have taken it

Posted: 16-01-13 18:01 by Tasleem