Anyone doing OCR sociology g673 on education?!

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my teacher is amazing at predicting the questions and last year predicted them right for both papers, if anyone wants them just contact me!! :) 

Posted: 12-01-13 15:03 by Emma Carson

Yes please!

Posted: 04-06-13 08:26 by Heather Crust

yes please!!!!

Posted: 08-04-14 10:16 by Sonny

Would it be posible if i could also have the predictions for the G673 education questions & G674 please

Posted: 27-05-14 12:06 by hafsah zakariyya

Could I please have the predictions? **

Posted: 05-06-14 15:52 by Gemma Harper-Lea

Does she have any predicitions for this year's paper please?! What about G674?

Posted: 17-06-16 18:27 by owlmadd