Anyone do dofe???

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does anyone do silver d of e???

have you done the expedition and how was it??

Posted: 01-07-12 16:33 by Muzz :P

ahhh yeah my friends done it! xD its actually not too bad, i think they had to walk 10 miles in an unknown city, with a map and a compass. the map already has the starting and destination points makred on it, so they just had to follow that xDD  its not bad, but what im doing is that im just gonna do d of e gold xD most uni's wont bother about bronze and silver if they see uve passed gold :P 

Posted: 01-07-12 17:57 by priya777

i know.... i did it this weekend and it was horrible... the weather was rank and its made me rethink whether i want to do gold... :/ i'm not too sure... i mean i've done bronze and silver and i thought that some of it was difficult but then other parts were ok....

what would you have to do for gold?? :/

Posted: 01-07-12 19:11 by Muzz :P

ahhh bad luck :/ this is probably the worst time to do d of e xD the weather always changing and stuff. they did silver during may i think :P the weather was okay, it was cold, but hey walking for 10 miles is gonna get you warm again lol xD 

gold, im not sure about this, my 6th form friends told me that they had to walk double the amount, also the did things like raft building and stuff xDD but yeah the location is much further away than any of the other places you have done d of e in already. but yeah, the location is really awesome. but gold is a lot of woork. 

I still suggest you do gold. its probably the most valued one to uni's. 

Posted: 01-07-12 19:32 by priya777

ok thanks... i think i might do it if its the most valued one in uni's.. :)

Posted: 01-07-12 21:05 by Muzz :P

oh my mates did it going for silver now

Posted: 02-07-12 08:38 by aliimz

oops i meant gold

Posted: 02-07-12 08:39 by aliimz

I did silver and the practice expedition was quite tough as i had loads of blisters. the actual one was good fun and our group was first back, beating the boys so definitely worth it. i doing gold now and we are canoeing which is so much better than walking!

Posted: 02-07-12 16:57 by Sophie

Muzz :P wrote:

ok thanks... i think i might do it if its the most valued one in uni's.. :)

hehe okayy :P good luck for it :D **

Posted: 02-07-12 17:44 by priya777

Go on a WORLD CHALLENGE for gold! its amazing! :)

Posted: 04-07-12 15:20 by Leah