Anybody want to learn Arabic ?

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yahhh :( deyre...harrd :|

Posted: 01-02-13 20:21 by Waqar Khanny :)

wat a-levels u doin.. 

im scared bwt a-levels.. already dyin wiv gcse ..

btw anyone else readin this discuss feel free to ask anythin.. u wanna knw in arabic.. dw ur not interruption the convo ;)

Posted: 01-02-13 21:12 by ? Secret - Team GR

maths, history nd psychology

dnt wanna scare u anymore buhh ummm deyre lyk soo much mre harder dan gcse

Posted: 13-02-13 16:39 by Waqar Khanny :)

aww ull do well :) u in ur final year or sumtin.. ?

its kl.. i knw a-levels is harder.. yet i mite do maths, chemistry, biology & english 

Posted: 13-02-13 18:51 by ? Secret - Team GR

i want to learn arabic too!! how do i do it my mom speaks arabic but i can't because i'm not arabic i'm blonde and blue eyed

but i find it hard to speak to my mom when she speaks arabic and i speak 'franglais' (a mix of english and french) so i really want to learn arabic

does anyone know where I can find a english-arabic with common phrases like "where is the nearest male toilet" and "where is my adopted sister?"

Posted: 14-02-13 12:25 by Former Member

thanx i hope so...been workin ma bloody *** of all year :) nahhh 1st 1 more damn year 2 go...unless i fail dis year :|

2 sciences.. cool u must be cleva dan innit ;D guud luk with wateva u do...coz ull need it ;D

Posted: 14-02-13 16:45 by Waqar Khanny :)

L O L waqar uve been workin ur *** of all year? :D lmao dude u dint even bother 2 revise for your real bloody maths exam :D hmm yepp ur defo gonna hav 2 retake dis year...buhh dw u won't be retakin it alone :)

Posted: 14-02-13 17:02 by Sabah

yeah babe i hav ;D lool u shud knw... ;P ;P

ermmm.....lool yeah coz dat was shiyt hard innih buhh yeah i hav been workin...

lol yeah...haha yeah coz ur gonna be retakin it wiv me XD lol wat alreadyy given up? thought u were gonna get wayyyyyyyyy betta results dan me?? ;D XD

Posted: 14-02-13 17:09 by Waqar Khanny :)

Grace Sargent .. im not sure about sites.. but if there is anything in particular u want me to translate .. feel free to ask..if i dont knw.. i usually would ask my aunty :)

where is the nearest male toilet ?

Ayna yaqaa' aqrab mar haad arjaal

where is my adopted sister

Ayna ukhtai aa'tamad 

hope that helps :)

im not arabian either or anyfin..but my aunt is.. n i learnt it from her :)

why dont u ask ur mum to teach u.. better to learn it from a young age..u dont need to be arabian to knw arabic

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Posted: 14-02-13 17:15 by ? Secret - Team GR

@waqar asif khan :D ((hahah)) ;D

oh yeah u hav....*** how cud i 4get u bloody made me go deaf!!!

no i hant given up...buhh ive got a feelin dat am  gonna get propa shiyt graddes so yeah...buh unlike u im still trying yeah ;P

Posted: 14-02-13 17:23 by Sabah

hmm who told u? u **** have figured it out on ur own.. :)

lmao....i only learn by saying shiyt out loud XD lol next tym dnt sit next ta me wen a revise innih XD

unlike me? :O i am acctually workin really hard u workin ma *** of 2 try not 2 get kiked outta psychology :|

lmao nd u workin hard? LOL yeah right :|

Posted: 14-02-13 18:54 by Waqar Khanny :)

L O L anees told me :D haha still got it tho dint iii :D now u owe me....hmm soooo betta keep ur weekend free dude XD

lol yeah dw ill rememba :D

pfttt yeah right khanny :D i believe yah... :) lol O M G ive beeen told i might get kiked outta psychology 2..

lool yeah :D dude ive just spent 2 hours doin maths wrk XD

Posted: 14-02-13 19:12 by Sabah

i told im not 2 tell u.. :(

no am not gonna..coz u cheated :)

lol :D probz cos neither of us acctualy revised for da first exam :)

lol yeah sabah playin modern warfare doesnt acctually count as doin maths... :L

Posted: 14-02-13 19:25 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol u sed no...buhh u still came  :P

truuh truuh XD

oh.....dont it ;) LOL

Posted: 27-02-13 09:32 by Sabah

lmao...truuh buh am glad a came...*** hant had dah much fun in ages XD LOL need ta take u owt again innih babez ;D lmao.....those guyz turned up outside ma house -_- lol shaq wen mental on em.....dnt tink deyll bother u again XD

LMFAO...nahh :D

Posted: 27-02-13 19:27 by Waqar Khanny :)

Lol INNIH xD haha soo where u gonna take me dis tym ;D betta be sommat guud khan a wan u 2 spend bareee cash on me yeah....dnt be stingy  :D

LOL seriously...ha yeah go shaq!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Posted: 01-03-13 14:01 by Sabah

LOL babe ur crazy :D :D

lmao am not bare rich or owt :) though u a guess itz ur treat XD

Posted: 11-03-13 16:27 by Waqar Khanny :)

thnx :D

am bound 2 go crazzyyyy....a spend half ma tymmm wiv u twatz soooooooo yeahhh :))

ur not barree rich....dude u bought a car 4 12 grand....nd u aint even got a bloooodddyyy license :) now i would calll dat richhhhhhhhhhh :DD

Posted: 15-03-13 09:55 by Sabah