Anybody studying Totalitarian Ideology - Russia & Germany

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Hello everyone,

I'm studying AS History Totalitarian Ideology in theory and Practice. There are three countries in this topic: Russia, Italy, Germany. I'm doing Russia and Germany. If anyone can help me with either if these countries even Italy so I can understand fully what Fascism is. I haven't found anyone who studies it a part from the people in my school, I don't think it is a popular topic but anyway help from anyone in any way would be helpful :D and I will help with the little I understand lol.

Thanks people  :)


Posted: 31-03-12 15:41 by Zoeeee

This website should help you.

I am doing the same course and this website helps to summarise bits quite well.

Posted: 03-04-12 15:45 by Ellie

Thank you Ellie, I haven't the time to read thro it now but I will sometime and get back to you. Thanks also Sarah, my main issues are with the Nazism Ideology but I will read thro the website Ellie gave and if I have any questions I will post them up here.

Thanks ladies :D

Zoe :)

Posted: 04-04-12 12:21 by Zoeeee