Anybody no any good ways to revise ? :L

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For like everything :L ?

Posted Mon 30th May, 2011 @ 14:27 by Jaypreet

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I try to revise in little chunks of a subject casuse otherwise I find I don't remember any of it.

Try making rhymes or acronyms or even songs to help you remember certain dates or facts, I find it realy useful, especially to my favourite song:)

I also look at the subjects specification to see what the exam board is expecting you to know.

 Also, if you can find any past papers they are really useful as they help you understand the exam boards style of asking questions. Also make sure you look at the mark scheme to see what they were looking for:)

I understand what you mean Jo but you should probably revise in 40 minute chunks to make sure you absorb everything, but not over an hour because by then your brain is probably screaming for something else to do!

One last tip: don't leave it to the last minute and think you're gonna get away with it by jamming every little detail into yor mind at 3 in the morning while drinking 10 expresso shots in a row cause, trust me, it dosen't work!


Answered Tue 31st May, 2011 @ 17:49 by Maddy
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First of all, download the specification and make notes on everything the specification says you need notes for. You can get specifications on the websites of the exam boards. Then after you've done this, just do loads of past papers and mark them yourself. This way, you see where there are grey areas, and you can see exactly what the examiners expect and what they will and won't allow. 

Where actually getting down and revising is concerned, break up revision into small spaces of time, and the best time slot for this is about 45 minutes. This should be followed by a 20 minute break; this means you won't get bored of doing one thing but you won't get too used to having a break that you phase out and don't want to return to revision. Each 45 minute slot should be on something different. For example, I do A-Levels in Critical thinking, Biology, Chemistry and Economics, and my time table for today is Chemistry-Economics-Biology-Critical Thinking (where hyphens represent breaks). This means that I don't get too bored of my Science subjects or my essay based subjects.

Another good rule to follow when you're on study leave is the 8 hour rule- 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep and 8 hours free time. Hope that all helps, and good luck! X

Answered Tue 31st May, 2011 @ 16:13 by Dave
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powerpoints if you're trying to learn facts(for science or history etc) and you caould make a quiz in it :) good luck **

Answered Tue 31st May, 2011 @ 17:36 by Anon
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Im an A level student, year 13, and I have only just worked out the best way to revise, this way has really helped me this year! and i managed to get an A*, in a Psychology A Level, with this technique....
go over and over things, learn it one day and the next day see if you can still remember it. The best thing to do is to make notes on the stuff you are trying to learn and learn from these. The worst thing you can do is to just read the notes you've done in class/the notes given by the teachers. Although this may only slightly help, if your doing A Levels this will not work.

good luck (:

Answered Mon 30th May, 2011 @ 15:58 by Sarah Cooper
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Posters, mind maps and powerpoints.

If you're really creative, you could do some videos too! :) For example songs so you can remember things - eg.

Answered Wed 1st June, 2011 @ 16:21 by Emma
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once you have gone over a topic

use get revising to make a wordsearch for key terms

a quiz to help you remember key points

revision cards

revision notes and any other resource you make on the topic

once you have done all of this for each topic

u will know everything and you will also gain loads of points on the topic as well

Answered Wed 1st June, 2011 @ 20:28 by Tiffany
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Another good way is to make revision cards whith either facts on or questions on the front and answers on the back, and stick them all around your house with blu-tack e.g. on your fridge, windows, doors, wardrobe etc. and everytime you look at a fact it will help to remind you of it, and everytime you look at a question you can test yourself on the answer. x

Answered Mon 30th May, 2011 @ 15:33 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR
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Lol, That is soo wrong, no offence 'jo' :), revising for just 20 minutes and then a 20 minute break!! You'll forget most of it, no wonder why lessons are 1 hour and not only 20 minutes !! I revise for 3 hours then take an hour break! OR, if you cant revise for a long time, then just revise for 1 hour and take a ten minute break which you have to make sure that you DONT watch TV with it -  maybe do some jogging or go on the trampoline or do skipping cause your body needs exercise too.... and from all that sitting down and reading you need to get active even if it is for just a short amount of time... Good luck with all your exams :) :) x

Answered Mon 30th May, 2011 @ 18:58 by Sara
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The best way is to use . It's basically flashcards, but much more advanced. When you enter in Term and Definitions, you use the Learn function. The site tests you on all the terms, and those questions you get incorrect, it remembers and tests you on again until you have every term correct. It's very useful for things like vocabulary lists; so give it a try :)

Answered Tue 31st May, 2011 @ 11:34 by Fiddle
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our science teacher was telling us how she used to revise for big exams - she said that she made revision cards and stuck them aroundher house so when she was doing something - eg getting the milk out of the fridge - there would be something for her to look at and remember- then after a few days move them about to re-test your knowledge! My class tried this and we all adapted to it very well and it helped us through some tests! :) Just a simple method but it was found very useful!

Answered Mon 6th June, 2011 @ 16:09 by TayaMairead
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Make revision cards and posters, ermm... You could got on gsce bitesize and watch the videos and do past papers and worksheets :)

I'm trying to revise but not getting anywhere, so i'm trying all the techniques x

Oh and you should only revise for 20 minutes at a time and then take a twenty minute  break on facebook or something :) Soooo that it all sinks in x

Answered Mon 30th May, 2011 @ 14:34 by jo
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