Any tips and advice from A2 students?

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Just started first year at sixth form. Want to know any advice and words of wisdom from students in second year. Anything you've learnt and mistakes to avoid? Oh and also how many months in advance should I revise for exams? (My first exams are in January) Also how many hours I should revise everyday for each subject?

Posted Mon 10th September, 2012 @ 20:05 by Ameenah:)
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as a student who has completed my alevels i would most strongly recommend revision right from the start. don't leave it too late or neglect your As. they need much more revision than GCSEs

  1. review your notes after each lesson to make sure you have understood everything
  2. find out from your teacher what you will be doing next lesson and look over it before hand - this way you will have more understanding of what you're being taught so the lesson will be more beneficial and you will be able to ask about the sections you are unsure on.
  3. Do as many past papers as you can - they don't even have t be from your exam board, just from the topic you are doing. and when done MARK THEM! you can't learn where you have gone wrong or improve your technique if you don't.
  4. do all of the practice questions/ revision / exam questions in your text book/revision guides without looking the answers up - this will test your knowledge and you can look up more detail after completing questions
  5. Repeat, repeat, repeat. everything. past papers, reviewing, making notes. ust to drill it into your head.
  6. it's never too late or early to start. first exams in January, that isn't long off. especially if you want to relax a bit over Christmas and you have a minimum of 2 other subjects to revise for. i'd revise as much as you can now, not in a month, and then continue up to your exams
  7. it's not quantity, it's quality. no point revising at 3am when you're so tired you will forget it all. but try to get in some each day.
  8. Revise in your free periods! don't just sit around doing nothing. if you don't want to revise or your friends are laughing just do your homework and tell them you're busy so can't do it later or that it's overdue!

My biggest regret was not revising enough during As and getting BDDE - woops

that meant i had to revise loads in A2 as i had loads f retakes. i came out with ABB, but i was under 15 ums marks in each subject of the next grade up and felt if i had done more in AS i might have gotten the higher marks:/ although it was a pretty good improvement not gunna lie:P

So start early and revise hard! don't worry about what your friends are doing, if you think revision is beneficial do it and laugh in august when you  achieve some brilliant results!

Answered Tue 11th September, 2012 @ 00:31 by Alex
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Revise as you go along. Go over notes that you made in class the same evening. Try start doing a bit of revision now. The teachers say do 4 hours per subject per week as a MINIMUM- But i think this is not for another month. For now, go over notes and make sure you understand what you are learning. 

Answered Mon 10th September, 2012 @ 21:17 by kira
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I agree - revise well in advance, don't leave it to last minute. Exams are a lot harder than GCSEs and there is a lot more to learn. If there is anything you did not fully grasp from a lesson, go over the notes and try to write out what you think the topic is covering. If you're still not 100% sure, ask a teacher or look online for more resources. It's so much better to understand as you go along rather than getting to a few weeks before your exams and realising you have big gaps in your understanding. 

Also, use your free periods productively. I spent a lot of my time just hanging out with my friends doing nothing when that time could have been really useful. Try and find a quiet room/area where you can work without distraction.

As much as possible, do essays on the day they are set. You'll almost certainly be getting work each day so leaving it until the weekend is not really a good idea at AS Level.

Working really hard is obviously important, but don't forget to balance it with other things. I know people who worked basically 24/7 and ended up getting really stressed out. If you can get all your work done early then it leaves most of the weekend free :) 

Good luck :) 6th form is REALLY not as bad as we're making out do be and as long as you are prepared and keep on top of things, I'm sure you'll really enjoy it!

Answered Sat 22nd September, 2012 @ 11:05 by Physics321
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It depends on what suits you some people find cramming useful but I personally prefer to revise as I go along. That way you are not getting all stressed out when the exams come up and you are able to keep focused. 

Answered Sat 22nd September, 2012 @ 13:33 by Amba
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I ended up with over 90% in all my modules and didn't start revising ridiculously early, I began revision about a month and a half before study leave. I think it depends what suits you personally. If I'd started revising in February I probably would have forgotten it all! 

I just made a list on all the subtopics in each of my subject and made sure I'd covered all of them before study leave :)

Answered Sat 22nd September, 2012 @ 11:07 by Physics321
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Thank you! I have exams in January for all 4 of my subjects. When do you suggest I should start revising? Intense revision now or just going over everything everyday as it comes? Thanks again!

Answered Sat 22nd September, 2012 @ 12:51 by Ameenah:)