Any revision tips for psychology and sociology A2? :(

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So i did really bad on my psychology unit 4 need to do a retake and i have the unit 3 exam coming so. Also have Sociology unit4 coming up in June including GCSE Maths linear. Any tips on to revise will be really helpful :)

Posted Wed 4th April, 2012 @ 22:43 by Erica

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I'm in the middle of doing psych and sociology A2 (exams this summer) -any revision's moreorless the same with me and it's pretty fail-proof. Just find a room with no/little distractions and lay out all the notes from class you have then plan steps on the revision to summarise and remember it all. For example 1.) read through and highlight '...' 2.) key words of '...' in a big mind map 3.) summarise '...' in a word doc/written notes 4.) summarise '...' even further to post-its/cards 4.) exam practise questions on '...' By going through all the different stages on the same thing it really helps you understand it all and remember it. Usually it takes a while to get through and you'd end up spending a whole study day on just one subject.. in terms of breaks although others may say otherwise i always end up taking 2hour(max) breaks, the time is made up for since you'd end up taking ages completing all the steps you've set yourself anyway. It's worked for me so far- hope it's helpful :) And don't worry about it all- retakes are always annoying but if you revise well i'm sure you'll do great oh and always have food/coffee around(:  

Answered Thu 5th April, 2012 @ 00:55 by Sonia
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Aw Thank you Rayanne! Sure I think i've got one on biological explanations i could type up and post up- probs be in a day or so since i need to adjust the evaluation on it a bit- to get it more detailed(: x

Answered Thu 5th April, 2012 @ 01:10 by Sonia
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try using some of the tips on here?:) mine are meant to be easy to remember but other people like Fyzah :p

have really good ens :)x

Answered Thu 5th April, 2012 @ 00:40 by Rayanne :)
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Sonia, would you be able to post any essays on schizophrenia? the ones you have are soo good! :)x

Answered Thu 5th April, 2012 @ 01:03 by Rayanne :)
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thankyou! :thats great! :Dxxx

Answered Thu 5th April, 2012 @ 01:15 by Rayanne :)