Any predictions for 2015 aqa english lit exams? characters and poems?

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helpppp pleaasee

Posted Thu 14th May, 2015 @ 14:29 by Allydortana

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mr birling is the only one who hasnt come up in the passed few ears so its likely he will come up, which im really happy withas i think theres alot you can do with him but its just speculation, of course, no one can know for sure, and of mice and men can only really cover a few main themes such as descrimination

Answered Sun 17th May, 2015 @ 17:08 by rebecca robertson-enciso
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Hey, If you're doing AS Level English Literature- When it comes to Robert Browning, we're most likely to get The Labratory as It is the only poem never done by him yet so far. For Tennyson, we're most likely for Tithonus, but don't be fooled as Godiva or Lotus Eaters could be something that could come up (Although Godiva was done last year). For the Great Gatsby, Chapter 6 is the chapter that has not yet come up. For Enduring Love, I'm not sure. Just know It's not likely to be Symbols, Motifs or Signs as that was last year.

Answered Thu 14th May, 2015 @ 17:49 by 19meg98