Any idea how to revise for the research methods for the psya4 exam? :/

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Exams in June and i really need to know the best way to learn it.

Posted: 13-04-12 17:39 by Jumela Begum

The best way to revise for research methods is just to do a lot of past questions on it and use the mark scheme. The more you do that, the more you'll learn it and also you'll know how to answer the questions. 

Posted: 14-04-12 16:27 by Poonam Patel

Thanks :) , yea i was thinking to just revise it briefly from the book (i use the dog one and it waffles a lot :/) but yea i guess i should get hold of lots of past paper questions for it. 

Posted: 14-04-12 16:38 by Jumela Begum is a helpful website to use (: 

Posted: 14-04-12 18:21 by Poonam Patel