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ohhh...hmmm glad 2 hear it baybez :))) seriously....same wiv u...dats y i dnt knw wat id do..if u left

Posted: 08-01-13 21:55 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D :D :D LOOOOOOL me more than a million- a billion ahhaha :D 

well thats reallly good :D. hmmmmmmmmmmm :| atleast your good withthe bros and aww shes probably having guy problems again LOOOOOOL 

hmm someone :P loooooooooooooooooool :P love him loadssssssss 

Posted: 08-01-13 21:56 by adfv

:D :D :D glad your glad :D. :D i wont :D noones like you and never will feel the same way bout anyone 

lol smiling right now :D ** 

Posted: 08-01-13 21:57 by adfv way more...dan u  :D :D

yeah...haha she jus turned 7...seriously shud not have guy sis is f*ked! :| im kinda worriednow...need ta meet da guys at her skool ^_^ u nawwww....telll me hu he iz...please! :)

hmmm well am glad...dat ur glad...dat am glad haha :D

hmmm....yeah ik am 1 in a million XD lol

haha same here....hmmm i sooo missed tlkin 2 u :D :D [8]

Posted: 08-01-13 22:05 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D:D:D LOOOOL nopeee nt more than meee!!!! :P ahhaha

loooooooooool awwwww!! ahahhaa! yehh u shuddd :D need to loool :P 

well he is.... someone :P LOOOL hes amazing :P 

:D lool wel i am glad that ur glad that im glad that ur glad... hahhaah a:P 

YEPPPPPPP truuueeeeee :D :D :D you are 

:D omg so did ii!! it felt weird hha. like a part of me was missing... :)

Posted: 08-01-13 22:08 by adfv

lool that face :D :D :D hahahha 

Posted: 08-01-13 22:10 by adfv

hmmm...u sure bout dat? :D :D

yeah ik...hmmm dats it gonna go tlk 2 em tmoz... :D

yeah am amazin 2 u knw!.....tell me hu he iz...wats hiz name?? ;D lol

hmmm well im glad...dat ur glad...dat am glad....dat ur glad....dat am glad ;DDD hahahha :D

truuhh dat yara ;)

yeah...same here...was soo wantin 2 talk 2 u wen i were in hospital...buuhh no 1 wud giv me deyre phone...seen as myne got smashed :|

hmm u lyk?? :D [8] [8] haha

Posted: 08-01-13 22:14 by Waqar Khanny :)

yeppp sureee :D 

yhh talk to them tomorw hahhahha 

are you amazing too :P LOOOOOOOOL hmmmm hes someoneee...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL if i try and carry on with that then im jus gna confuse myslef ahhaa

:D :D 

awwwwww :( LOOL smashed? againnn? wow u need to look aftr your phone!! and i thought i was the only one who neglected my phone hahhaa

:D i LOVE... :P you :D ahhahha :* 

Posted: 08-01-13 22:19 by adfv

there was never a day... moment i didnt spend without thinkn about you waqar. Im nt jus saying it i mean ittt!!! everysingle day... and wen i didnt hear from you i thought u got a girl and left me LOOL... yep i ws hurt but i wasnt sure soo i kept my hopes high ;) 

Posted: 08-01-13 22:21 by adfv

hmmmm....r u sure dat ur sure??? :))

yeah i will...dose kids  goners :D yeah i am....tell me please...

lol hmm yeah so i win XDD lool

yeah...wen i had dat quad accident...itz totally gone...da 02 guys were laughin at me...sed i **** look afta a phone :| prikz

i luv u 2 :P hmmm i lyk ur face ;D i really lyk it XDD

Posted: 08-01-13 22:22 by Waqar Khanny :)

hmmm...hhaah seriously...i aint gonna leave lyk totally mad bout u....nd i *** stop thinkin bout u 2....wen u replied 2 me sayin dat u thought i were ignorin u..i soo wasnt...i tried 2 talk buhh i **** 1 wud let me do anythin...hmm im all urs...truus me...tbh ur da reason i gave up drinkin nd smokin dat ****...sabah told me dat if i dint giv up....i might not live for much longer....den she told me 2 think bout how ud feel....i really lyk u :)

Posted: 08-01-13 22:25 by Waqar Khanny :)

i am sure that i am sure :D 

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! awwwww lil kids hhhahaha :P  

seriously wna knoww??.... :P

omg :O :O :O LOOOL well it was the 2nd time u smashed it :P LOOOOOOOL!! awww :P hahhhah silly billyz :P 

:D :D :D LOOL my face?? loool really? hmmm i like urs tooo :P Andddd i jus love you as a whole :P 

Posted: 08-01-13 22:25 by adfv

hmm ;D haha XDD

lol yeah :D yeah silly billy haha XD

hmm yeah...ohh u do? lol haha XD hmm hu dont? :D lol babe i luvz u 2 XDD

Posted: 08-01-13 22:28 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D :D :D OMGGGG looooooooool khan i really *** explain hw i feel right nowwwww!!! hmm well i didnt know what ws goingg on soo yehh :P Yayyy alllllllllllllll mine :D alll :D :P ;) hmmm yep thats truee :) and i wud hate it! and omg i love sabah hahhaha :P and obviously youu :P hahaha. seriously llike you sooomuch waqarrr :D 

Posted: 08-01-13 22:28 by adfv

Hhhahahhaaa!! :D 

yeppp i dooo :D and ahhaha who doesnt? well khans mine and mine onlyy soo everyone backkkkkkkk OFFF :@ ahahhaa

Posted: 08-01-13 22:30 by adfv

haha...hmm neither can i :D

yeah ik....hahh yeah urz ;D hmm..ik ud hate it..u tld me bare tymz...i shuda listened then...coz none of dis **** wudda happened

lol yeah i luv her 2 :D i realised i were bein a pure dik towards her...even tho she helped me..alot :|

hmmm...hahah do u nw? ;D same here...;D

soz gonna hav 2 knackered...gotta get up talk ta those kids LOL xD

guudnyt :D

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Posted: 08-01-13 22:33 by Waqar Khanny :)

hmmm haha...yeah b*tches bak taken ;D

haha.....dw ive told bare peeps 2 do 1...coz ive alreaddii got some1 waitin 4 me in london :) :P

nyt babe ;D

Posted: 08-01-13 22:35 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D :D :D :P 

yaaaaaay :D... yepp i did.. well u realised and thats enough :)

:D yepp not evryday u get girls like her :) LOOOL 

awww okay, im going too ! take care and gudnyt hahha tlk to them :P 

gudnyttt ** :) 

Posted: 08-01-13 22:35 by adfv

hey my peeps check out these guys

Posted: 09-01-13 08:54 by Former Member

**** **** **** zain that wznt me. ahzn wrt da. fukk. srii plz

Yz j nt tkn ta me? 

Posted: 09-01-13 15:55 by FML

hmmm...he deleted em a bit too l8...dude wtf??? :@ soo ******!

Posted: 09-01-13 15:56 by Waqar Khanny :)

bro it wznt me. z knwz I dnt tnk ov hr da way

Posted: 09-01-13 15:58 by FML

well hu was it? coz im really ****** atm..

yeah nd i hope u dnt think of her dat way...coz truus me it aint gonna be gud 4 u if u do

Posted: 09-01-13 16:00 by Waqar Khanny :)

thz fukd mte of mine. 

Na a dnt. n y wd it be bd?  

Posted: 09-01-13 16:02 by FML


lets jus say i h8 it...wen people take wats myne...

Posted: 09-01-13 16:04 by Waqar Khanny :)