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Z wrote:

H'Roon wrote:

Z wrote:

LOOL okay harooon but dnt come round mine please :D 

OIII loll. a aint :(. dw ima cum tmrw wid ya broz n c ya parrot :) n hwz ma lil boii, hes a g ;)

LOOOOOOL thank god :P and okayy :) yehh hes good, jus annoying. he saw a pic of you on his mums phone and he goes roon kaa hai? LOL

lol luv dat kid :) tl him hz on hiz way. :P btw a pic of me? isit gd?lol 

Posted: 08-01-13 19:41 by FML

zain y *** u b lke da otha girlz and obsess over yur fne n carry it round wid u? need to tel u wat ahsan jus said. duz j hav it? omfg if he duz den ahsanz DEAD  

Posted: 08-01-13 20:15 by FML

hahhaah haroon you know me, i dont obsess over my phoneee!!! dont care about it!! ive got other things to care about............................. :)

Posted: 08-01-13 20:19 by adfv

lol okay man m sorry. wont mentn hz nme :) if he stpz mentnin urz.. naa i swear dwn wat he sedz baaaaaaaaaaad and if j readz it lets say it aint gna b gd n plus hez gna hte me too. 

lmao yh weird fr sumwun wd a bb to say dat. u js aint bnded wid it LOL. learn frm me... :P das wa mkes u diff lhhaa

Posted: 08-01-13 20:26 by FML

im so SORRY. ****... zain sorry plz..

Posted: 08-01-13 20:32 by FML


Posted: 08-01-13 21:16 by Waqar Khanny :)

H'Roon wrote:

Khannyz 786 wrote:

H'Roon wrote:

Sup khannyz 786 :) 

 hey bruv...nwt much wbu?

yh bro revsn. gt examz. n distractionz dnt help lol

 haha yeah tell me bout it....

soo wat u doin .....a levels?

Posted: 08-01-13 21:17 by Waqar Khanny :)

Z wrote:

loooooooooooool yepp i did :D nope nt as much as me :) 

lol okay :D looking forward to it ;) ahhaha ** byeee 

 hmmm u sure? how wud u knw how much i missed u?? ;P x

haha soo did u get it? :)

Posted: 08-01-13 21:19 by Waqar Khanny :)

oh nd btw haroon..bradford is not pakiland :)

deyre may be some next randomn mangies livin deyre...buhhh itz nowt lyk pakistan :D

Posted: 08-01-13 21:20 by Waqar Khanny :)

Khhhhhaaaaaaaaannn :D heeeloo :) lool

Posted: 08-01-13 21:33 by adfv

khan i just chekd and i havent got anythng yet :( LOL and i still missed you more :D and i just know :P 

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Posted: 08-01-13 21:34 by adfv

hey babez...hmmm ma bro sed he sent it :| hmmmmm

well then let me tell u on here...babe i missed u soo frikin much... :D :P

Posted: 08-01-13 21:36 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOL ur bro? what? 

:D :D :D :D :D well i missed you moreeeeeeeee :D xxxxxxx 

Posted: 08-01-13 21:37 by adfv

andi thought u left me seriously hahhaah. :( LOL

Posted: 08-01-13 21:38 by adfv

hmmmm u knw? well u tell me den how much did i miss u? ily x cud not stop thinkin bout u... wat hav u done 2 me? :P i lyk so dnt stop yeah :)

Posted: 08-01-13 21:38 by Waqar Khanny :)

yeeep i knoww :D hmmmm LOAADDSS jus like me ahhaha! well khan u knw what love you loads too :D neither cud i and i wont :D 

Posted: 08-01-13 21:40 by adfv

yeah he wanted ta use ma phone...nd i told him 2 send da message 4 me....dw i wrote it :)

idt he did...ohh well

haha....nahhh truus me i wud neva leave not interested in any1 else i tld u dat lyk barrree tymz.....jus been done....nd were in hospital :|

Posted: 08-01-13 21:40 by Waqar Khanny :)

hmmm u do knw :D haha

hmm luvz u mre! :D :D :D u betta not...i luv :D

Posted: 08-01-13 21:41 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOL ohh haha :D i was gna say hahaaha

:D awwwwwww <3 nneither will i :) and neither am i :D and u knw it. and hmm yep sabah told me, but it was for the best :D u okay now though? 

Posted: 08-01-13 21:42 by adfv

lol :D

gud...u betta not.. :D

umm kinda....itz awkward tho...wiv her fam nd dat..

Posted: 08-01-13 21:43 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOL yepp i do knoww:D lool no me moreee:D hahha :D i wonttt :D 

hahhaha. :P 

hmm yehh, but dw :D aurrrrr 

Posted: 08-01-13 21:46 by adfv

yeah u do :D :D

hmmm u wanna go deyre??? coz i soo do ;P

yeah...tryin not ta

hahah auurrr babez u tell me :D

Posted: 08-01-13 21:49 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D :D :D 

LOL okay lets go therreee!! MEEEE WAYY MOREEE :D :P;) 

well they care so yehh :P wbout thngs with your family?? 

:D Lool kuchh nahhinn :P just in Love :P LOL

Posted: 08-01-13 21:51 by adfv

waqar noone can make me feel the way you do :) 

Posted: 08-01-13 21:53 by adfv

nahhh way totally f*kin wayy morree X1 million (((beat dat!))) :)))

hmm...yeah i realised dat dey actually do care...not remarried nd dont want anthin 2 do wiv us kids...momz not comin ok wiv broz tho...nd ma sis dnt lyk talkin 2 me

ohhh hmmm....reallly??? wiv hu??? :) :P

Posted: 08-01-13 21:54 by Waqar Khanny :)