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yaahh am aite ;D lol...been sooo busy :| hant even ate yet :|

lol...welll nowt really ;D

Posted: 28-01-13 19:10 by Waqar Khanny :)

HHAHhhhahaa ohhh loooooooll but once you start him off with the swearing he doesnt stop.. his dad just came bak home frm work and the first  thing he did was swearr !! :O laughing LOOOL 

ommg why ? loool really? hahahaha.. toooo sik :D 

Posted: 28-01-13 19:11 by adfv

awwwwww go eat somethingg thenn :) guess what he comes into my room and swears at me and runs away laughing.. tryn not to laugh cuz then hell think hes doing something funny :/ andd hell keep doin it :| LOOL

Posted: 28-01-13 19:12 by adfv

lmao....haha wanna meet him..cud teach him a couple more XD LOLZ  ^_^

lol ummm y wat? :/ LOL yeah...da cop jus luked at him nd he were lyk wtf? we had 2 chat some next shiyt :) lol yahh ik...lmao...i just found out da her cuzzy likes me :O lol dw shez only 6 :D

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Posted: 28-01-13 19:15 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL soo he makes my life hell LOOOLL

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL thatsss funnnnnnnnnyy :D ahhaha... omgg i was like :O then was like phewwww.. thank godd LOOOL

Posted: 28-01-13 19:17 by adfv

LOL...cant eat :( well not yet anywayyz...gotta w8 till later :(

LOL....haha...yeah try not 2....buhh itz funny wen they swear tho...lil midgets :D LOL

Posted: 28-01-13 19:17 by Waqar Khanny :)

loooool why the long wait :( hahaa :P 

hahhahahh its like where u learn that from hahha! auuuuuurrrrrrr khhhannnn:D 

Posted: 28-01-13 19:19 by adfv

LOL....haha :D

thank god :D not 4 me :|

LMAO...chylll yara...6 years lyk :O wtf??? lmao....ive neva cliked on...apparently shez lyked me for ages :|

Posted: 28-01-13 19:19 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOL not for you yeh ? :P 

hahahhaha yehh 6 aswell woooooaawwwwwww ... omgggg agesss hahaha. kids these days :P LOOL 

Posted: 28-01-13 19:21 by adfv

coz we got cops round here...deyve been talkin 2 me all daii...sooo annoyin..dis is lyk da only free time ive got... :D glad am spendin it talkin 2 u :D :D

lmao haha yeah... :D lmao auuuuuuuuuuuuuuur babe u tell me innit :D XD

Posted: 28-01-13 19:21 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol no :D haha

lmao ik :| exactly wth has gotten into em :|

yd ya take ya pic of 4? :(( LOL

Posted: 28-01-13 19:23 by Waqar Khanny :)

ohhh whyy?? .... hhhaahahaa they like you init :P :D :D :D glad ur talkin to me :P :D love you :D 

what shalli telll? :) 

Posted: 28-01-13 19:24 by adfv

LOOOOOLL u make them mad khan :P 

hahaha whyyy? you liked it :) ?? 

Posted: 28-01-13 19:24 by adfv

i told my bro that i liked someone :) andd he was like isit and im like yeh and he doesnt believe me :( its soo WEIRD how noone belives me :(

Posted: 28-01-13 19:27 by adfv

dunno...sommat to do wiv parents nd guardian nd alll dahh ****....

lol ;D luv u 2 ;D

lmao...anythin innih XD

Posted: 28-01-13 19:27 by Waqar Khanny :)

hmmm ohh :) :D :D :D 

i duno why but im really happy today :D LOL

Posted: 28-01-13 19:28 by adfv

lol yeah sure i do XDD

yeah i did :D put it on :D

maybe coz dey tink dat ur da shareef type LOL....hmmmm really nd hu do u lyk? care to enlighten me  ;D XD

Posted: 28-01-13 19:29 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol yeah ohh :D apparently i hav 2 go liv wiv either ma mum or dad :| dnt wanna go..i lyk it here....

lol ik....coz ur talkin 2 me innih XDD

soz gonna hav 2 go dey wanna talk again :|

Posted: 28-01-13 19:31 by Waqar Khanny :)

hahaah yehh they doo :) **** someone changed my mind :P LOOOOL ... someone :P 

awwwwwww hmmmm.. yehh truuue :) wbur sister? 

:D :D :D :D 

awwww okie khann ! byeeeee x 

Posted: 28-01-13 19:32 by adfv

ohhh and the brother i told was the 17 yr old one... i wouldnt tell my older bro hes like my second dad LOOOOOOL :D... but its good to have bros like that otherwise god knws where id be right now :| LOOOOOL :D 

he thinks im joking... wenever he comes into my room he starts laughing :( LOOL

Posted: 28-01-13 19:34 by adfv

lol some one hey :D hmmm ;D lmao... ;D

she has 2 go....she wants 2 go wiv ma mum....idk where 2 go :| livin wiv mum...means movin 2 spain.....nd dad....welll den ill hav 2 liv wiv his new wife anall :| confusin really...dunno wat ta do...tryin ta get dese peeps 2 change deyre mind nd let me stay

lol.....lmao..he laughs? lol...ok ill talk 2 im den XDD

lol bye... XDD

Posted: 28-01-13 19:41 by Waqar Khanny :)

yeppp someone :P 

hmmmmm :( yehh.. wat u gna do then ?? hope u stay :) but then again what happens will be for the best :) 

yess laughs :( and he keeps looking at me.... scary now LOL byyyyyeeee

Posted: 28-01-13 20:07 by adfv

sharaan wrote:

omg hey guys how you been and how did the exams go????

heeeeeyy sharaan :) goooood :) youu?  

Posted: 28-01-13 20:19 by adfv

hii zainab :D

Posted: 31-01-13 17:14 by Waqar Khanny :)

heyy khannn!! :D 

Posted: 31-01-13 18:14 by adfv