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Iz da a nw drg a ain herd of ? Lol

Posted: 24-01-13 18:52 by BigManTing

LMFAO...seriously dude? Sommat asin somethin :D LOL

lmfao....hmmm :| lol :L

Posted: 24-01-13 18:58 by Akeel 786

Lol oh. Skeen

Posted: 24-01-13 19:01 by BigManTing

Akeel 786 wrote:

lol.....bit hard.....i tink ma gf put sommat in ma drink :O LOL

 L O i didnt :| or did i ;D haha :D

Posted: 24-01-13 19:07 by Sabah

lmfao...yeah oh :D haha

Posted: 24-01-13 19:11 by Akeel 786

Sabah wrote:

Akeel 786 wrote:

lol.....bit hard.....i tink ma gf put sommat in ma drink :O LOL

 L O i didnt :| or did i ;D haha :D

 hmmm lol..u sure babez ;D

y u not pikin up 4? :|

Posted: 24-01-13 19:12 by Akeel 786

lol yeah :D ummmm..........LOL

lol...wat numba u ringin? :O dad's got da 02 1....ive got kays contract 1

Posted: 24-01-13 19:15 by Sabah

OH :| wonder..umm wen ur dad see's me i think am a goner :| LOL...

Posted: 24-01-13 19:25 by Akeel 786

Akeel 786 wrote:

Khannyz 786 wrote:

@ akeel

hmmm soo u think by spendin lyk £10 on me...iz gonna make me less mad at u? welll ur right :D cuumin chyll :D

lol truuh buhhh itz ernie man.....guys in love wiv rihanna :D id probably expet him 2 do much worse shiyt :D all he did was bang an arabian in da bak garden LMFAO :D

 lmfao...dats it? LOL :D

yeah buhhh seriously back...f*kin!!! LOL

oii nd yeah u owe me an effing treat now yeah :)

 lool haha..welll come on....itz ernie LMAO...heard u made sabah watch da vid.. WTF were u thinkin??

LOL...yeah ik...dat was a bit ummm extreme LMAO :D

lol do i? :D dw...ull get ur treat :)

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Posted: 24-01-13 19:30 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol...nahh not me...yas made her watch it...she dint watch all tho..only da first 5 minz....was a bit extreme 4 her :D

lmao.very extreme :D

yeah..ya ****...u can buy a f*kin car...((lukz siik btw)) buhh u *** treat me? LMAO..yeah nd a wan it soon XD

Posted: 24-01-13 19:36 by Akeel 786

lol...wth? haha..yeah course it were even xtreme for me :D


lmao...cost me a f*kin bomb..LOL 12 EFFIN GRAND :| cant even drive it yet anall ... :|

lol...dw... :P

Posted: 24-01-13 19:39 by Waqar Khanny :)

Khan <3 :)

Posted: 24-01-13 23:23 by adfv

Omggggg what cost 12 grandsss?? :D LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

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Posted: 24-01-13 23:24 by adfv

heyyy :D

bought a car.....u wan a ride?? ;P

Posted: 25-01-13 11:10 by Waqar Khanny :)

heeeeeeey :D khhhaaan!! :D 

Oooooooooohhhhhhh yeeees :P aahhah! what one ;)... u looooooked amazinggg :D :) seriousLy 

Posted: 25-01-13 16:33 by adfv

hey ;D

lool hah....yeah am cumin down yeah be ready ;D

lol s class merk :D itz white :)

haha did i noww? lmao.....hmmm lol nahhh i dint  look all dat....was tryin 2 find da ova 1 buhh cudnt :)

Posted: 25-01-13 16:37 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOL okiieee :P :) aahhaa

Wwwooww!! masha'allah :P :D thatss gooooddd :D 

Yeeesss youuuu diddd :D love it :P x 

Posted: 25-01-13 16:44 by adfv

lol ;D

lol yeah...funny thing is i aint even allowed 2 drive it :(

lol haha thanx ;)  ur turn :D

Posted: 25-01-13 16:49 by Waqar Khanny :)

hahahaha! awwwww :D loool sooon tho :P :) 

Welccommmeee :) do I have tooo?? :) LOOL

Posted: 25-01-13 16:54 by adfv

yeah....soon :D

:P yeah u have 2...please :P

soz 4 late reply was readin namaz :))

Posted: 25-01-13 17:07 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D loooooooooooooooooooooooool :P 

awww its okayy :D masha'allah :D :) :P well done lol goooood boy :D 

Posted: 25-01-13 17:13 by adfv

lmao...good boy??? hahah....r u sure? ;))

pic...please :))

Posted: 25-01-13 17:15 by Waqar Khanny :)

hahahhaah ermmm im having doubts LOOOL

okay :) LOL

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Posted: 25-01-13 17:15 by adfv

lmao...haha u r? nd yz :DD

yayy :))

Posted: 25-01-13 17:17 by Waqar Khanny :)

you seen ittt? i want to take it off :( lool 

Posted: 25-01-13 17:17 by adfv