Any good movies?...

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Posted: 22-01-13 17:07 by adfv

LMAO...yeah itz coz am one of a kind XD

Posted: 22-01-13 17:07 by Waqar Khanny :)

yepp thats truuuee :D :D :D 

Posted: 22-01-13 17:08 by adfv

Z wrote:

haroon wrote:

a dun h8 nowun Lmao

lol... okay okay 

lmao. safe 

Posted: 22-01-13 17:11 by BigManTing

you are ermm welcome... 

Posted: 22-01-13 17:11 by adfv

lmfao. sup 

Posted: 22-01-13 17:18 by BigManTing

tik ho ?

Posted: 22-01-13 17:19 by BigManTing

looooooooooooool yess me is teeek :) tum teek ho? idiot? 

Posted: 22-01-13 17:19 by adfv

yeyeye mei tik lmao. safe am gon ye. luv ya'z

Posted: 22-01-13 17:20 by BigManTing

LOL umm ok :D haha

Posted: 22-01-13 17:21 by Waqar Khanny :)

khhhaannyyy i seeeee yoouuu:D 

Posted: 22-01-13 17:21 by adfv

byee haroon 

Posted: 22-01-13 17:21 by adfv

lol...dnt chat shiyt yeah.....where am i? XD

lmao :) changin it nawwwww XD

Posted: 22-01-13 17:22 by Waqar Khanny :)


Posted: 22-01-13 17:23 by adfv

hahahhaahahahahahhah.... somewhere in bradford :P hahaha

NOOOO leave :D i wna see another one :D

Posted: 22-01-13 17:23 by adfv

i fukn h8 alsha.btch

Posted: 22-01-13 17:25 by BigManTing

lollllll why? what she do now? 

Posted: 22-01-13 17:25 by adfv

LMFAO.....haha yeah am sat in safilos :D lol i wish :)

yeah it took me ages 2 find dis 1.....some 1 deleted alll ma f*kin pics :| barrrsttt***rds!!!!!

Posted: 22-01-13 17:26 by Waqar Khanny :)


ommmggg isit? :Oahhhahhahhahaa

Posted: 22-01-13 17:27 by adfv

Z wrote:

lollllll why? what she do now? 

chtyn ****. btch

Posted: 22-01-13 17:31 by BigManTing

L O L... thats nice hahhahaaa

Posted: 22-01-13 17:32 by adfv

lol..i wish i waas their i want an icecream :( instead am sat at sabahz.....waitin 2 be fed LOL

 yeah....nd ik hu it was ma stupid f*kin sister..i cud kill her :| i had soo many pics in their that i cud have used to blackmail people :D

Posted: 22-01-13 17:36 by Waqar Khanny :)

hey soz...gonna go now... :D dnt miss me tuuu much LOL ;D

Posted: 22-01-13 17:37 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOOOLLL itss coolldd :( hhhaa... goo eatt :P

ommggg LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL... Blackmail people? hmm like? :P 

awwww okiee try not to :P byyyyeeee x :D 

Posted: 22-01-13 17:39 by adfv

hmmmm ill cum warm u up XDD

yeah lmao....lyk a got pics of sabah nd akeel on deyre :D oh nd of ma bros wiv deyre slags :D cud get them 2 do anythin 4 me ...... buhh not any moe :| coz of dat cow  :@ cud ssooo kill her

lool :D yeah ik gonna be hard...even 4 me XD seeya XD

Posted: 22-01-13 17:41 by Waqar Khanny :)