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iz da hw itiz.? :( lol b y e 

Posted: 21-01-13 20:38 by BigManTing

yepp LOOL 

Posted: 21-01-13 20:38 by adfv

ey z. dd ya akz ya bro wat hz perfumz cld

Posted: 21-01-13 21:03 by BigManTing

yepp i did :) 

creed- aventus 

Posted: 21-01-13 21:04 by adfv

***. a luvd it bu daz *** xpnziv. lmao

Posted: 21-01-13 21:06 by BigManTing

lol safe am gon nw

Posted: 21-01-13 21:07 by BigManTing

hahhahahahahahhahahahhahahhaahah ... BYE 

Posted: 21-01-13 21:08 by adfv

Ey Z. Giv m ya numb plz bu coz u dun wnta denjz gt bbm bk ffs. Ned ta talk. Itz imprtan

Posted: 22-01-13 00:07 by BigManTing

LOOOOOL... NO... NO... Yes? 

Posted: 22-01-13 11:18 by adfv

lmfao. na iz kl. wz imprtan las nigh bu no nymr. 

Posted: 22-01-13 13:22 by BigManTing

Ey z. a herd da ur x cald ya? 

Posted: 22-01-13 13:50 by BigManTing


Posted: 22-01-13 15:31 by adfv
Posted: 22-01-13 16:06 by BigManTing

hmmm yehh she did :| 

looooooooolll i knowwww!! ! qaz showed me thisss!! i hate the way he speaks urdu LLOL 

Posted: 22-01-13 16:12 by adfv

and omggg at the end... sscary LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Posted: 22-01-13 16:13 by adfv

Z wrote:

loool :D yepp so am i :D haha

hahhaa! yeeppp!! LOOOOL :( dont push me :( hahha... ive had loads at the hospital... i was surprised we didnt get kicked out hahha anddd had the worst one yday.. i threw the snowball on myy cousin qaz's face andd then everyone ganged up against me... and i was atacked :( soooooooooo i dont wna have another one... with my cousins :D 

loool nooo u donttt :O haha... love you too :D ... hmm mee too :D x 

 lol kay i wnt push you ;D

lol yeah i do need ta work out ;D lol do u really? ;D XD lol :P

Posted: 22-01-13 16:33 by Waqar Khanny :)

heyyy khann :D 

Posted: 22-01-13 16:43 by adfv

hahha thanks  :D loool.. noooo u dontt!! :O hahhah yeppp i do :) 

Posted: 22-01-13 16:44 by adfv

hey...ummm nice pic ;D lol

Posted: 22-01-13 16:45 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOL really?? :P hahha thanks :P 

how aree you?

Posted: 22-01-13 16:46 by adfv

lmao...i do :P dont i lol xD

lol hmmmm do u nawwww ;P welll i luv u 2....more xDD

Posted: 22-01-13 16:46 by Waqar Khanny :)

noooo u dont :) hahha what u tryn to do there anyways :P ;) Hhaaa

yeppp :D LOOOL dontt get me starrtedd!!! me more :P looool

Posted: 22-01-13 16:47 by adfv

ummmm truuthfully? NO..i h8 it...its sooo sciencey LOL... :)

lol hmmmm i iz guud xD....wbuz? :B <<<------ LMFAO xD

Posted: 22-01-13 16:47 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOOL its the periodic table of m&ms :D hahhaha :P sciencyyyyyy LOOOOOOOOOL 

:D thats gooooood :D immm gooooooooooooood :D :D... LOOOOOOOLLLLL looks like bugs bunny :P 

Posted: 22-01-13 16:49 by adfv

lol...haha dnt knw tbh.....jus go 2 hav a laugh wiv mates....buhh lol haha u seen me i aint got dah big of a body ;D lol XD

lmao.....nahhhh wayyy bayybbbeeeez ME MORE XD....lool got u started ;D

Posted: 22-01-13 16:50 by Waqar Khanny :)