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lol oh him ! klkl. dun laik im. z a wsh bu da ain tru. 

n z juz spke ta ur bro. he wz tln me hw mch ya guyz cre fr im. he luvz you brez. no wunda he triez ta kp ya awy frm guyz. lmfao. lol jz gt ta de hosp safly wid qaz x safe man 

Posted: 19-01-13 21:56 by BigManTing

oh  z luvin da curly hair luk :P LMFAO 

Posted: 19-01-13 21:57 by BigManTing

 lmfao hz wid yaz? gud luk den. lool yyhyh. 

oi. izit daz gud :) a laik im nw. 

n OMG wat ur dad sed ta ya. wz fukn jkz. u wz blushn ;)  lol yeh safe x 

Posted: 19-01-13 22:55 by BigManTing

trina revize bu cant :( LMAO. 

Posted: 19-01-13 22:57 by BigManTing

Lool slept late again :'(  hahhaha! yehhhh I knowwww!!!!  was sooo embarassing but funny! He's finally coming out of hospital today! :D  

Posted: 20-01-13 10:25 by adfv

Nowww I'm being forcd to go with him and get a birthday cake for his dad :( LLOOL

I don't wanna go... Remember what he did last time? omgg! wish I cud have just hid somewhere Haahahahahaa

Posted: 20-01-13 10:41 by adfv

Lmao a new ya wud. LMFAO ye u shud hv seen waqrz face. Ye ik :) daz gud.
Lol it wz hz dadz bday yday inih. Lmfao wz so fukn funi. Dd he do it agen?
N hz ali sed neyting ta ya? O n r ya goin pakilnd ?

Posted: 20-01-13 14:30 by BigManTing

QAZ jz tld m wat ya gyz sw. *** stp fukn laffin.

Posted: 20-01-13 14:37 by BigManTing

hahahha yehh i knowwww :O i was likee dadddddd!! hahahahaha 

yepp it was... i knowwww!!!!!!.. thank god that boy wasnt there otherwise qasim would have.. done it againn!! :| lol

nopee he hasnt, u knw what hes like. hes not gona say anything :) hes the only decent guy out of j's friends! andd dad saidd maybe :D :D :D in marchh!! :) 

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG he told you :| was SOO awkwardd!! :/ lool. snowingg :D had a snowfight :D i smashed the snowball on qasims face then had to run inside cuz they all ganged up against me :( LOOL 

Posted: 20-01-13 16:13 by adfv


Posted: 20-01-13 16:14 by adfv

Lmfao inih. yhyh h wnt. izih? mrch? b4 ya bday? afta? 

LMFAO **** stp laffin man. lool u stil alaiv? yh man itiz. :( 

oii do u av bbm?dd ya c aliz pm? 

Posted: 20-01-13 16:44 by BigManTing

yepp probably :) noope i think after it... bbut only if we doo go :| 

hahha yehhhh.. i did get attacked... :( and yes i managed to come out alive :D 

noppe deleted it :) no... why? 

Posted: 20-01-13 20:24 by adfv

o klkl. tbh a dun tink ur gna go  lol 

LMFAO. daz gud. ya stil alaiv 

o ye. :(   wz bou u to alisha.

Posted: 20-01-13 20:34 by BigManTing

itz a lng stry. gt qaz'z fone. il tel ya on dat.

Lmao ya pic 

Posted: 20-01-13 20:36 by BigManTing

or j'z fone. hz gt bbm inih

Posted: 20-01-13 20:36 by BigManTing

LOOLL idioott! as much as i would hate to agree with that, i dont see us going :( 

LOOOOOOOOOL i knowww :D 

about me? huh? to alisha? ohh cuz of what she said probably?... cant get his phone yet, hes using it!!... andd j's phone is not working... gone to get fixeddd!!  :)... ohh yehhh.. m&m world :D LOL 

Posted: 20-01-13 20:40 by adfv


yeh u.  lmaaoo new pm >> diz iz wa he wrte " alisha needs 2 stop bein jealous of z n accept da fact dat she aint gettin wid qaz" 

diz iz wati call RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. jheeeeeeeze 

Posted: 20-01-13 20:48 by BigManTing

lmao a jz spke ta im. he sed ta tel u da if da ***** syz nymre **** ta qaz bou u n im den he givz ya de permishun ta sy da u r dealn im

Posted: 20-01-13 20:51 by BigManTing

omg thats soo rude :OO... and haroon OBviously im NOT gna say that -_- ... not even to shut her up... i was angry when she first said that, but u knw what.. i really dont care anymore cuz its not truee and im not even gna deal anyone... and evryone knws that.. LOOOL thats why when she told everyne we were together.. evryne was shocked hahhaha

Posted: 20-01-13 20:56 by adfv

truss me i still remember qasims face when he asked me if it was true.. he was sooo piseeeeed!!!... omg hes as protective as the bros :|  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Posted: 20-01-13 20:59 by adfv

LMFAO sh dezrvd it doe. u dun knoe hw mch sh hatz yu. lol yh a knw ya. ur sucha goody lmfao. du ya knw wa maryam sed ta me bou u. :) ye man A was in shock =0 

lol ye. iz gud ina way odawize u wud b on da stretz rait nw n hav bare gyz LOL ud b wztd z. rt#

Posted: 20-01-13 21:04 by BigManTing

LOOOL i knw but thats just rude :O LOL... goody? i knoww:D that i am :D hahaha

aww what she say? :) looooooool 

ohhhhhhh godddd :| wasted? thanks a lot... loooooooooooooool. okay i dont wna talk about this silly stuff anymoree :) uve changed haroon :D everyones been saying :) maybee because youve been away from ahsan :S 

Posted: 20-01-13 21:09 by adfv

LOL ahem.. da gy here? wer dd h go ? lmfao

she sed da sh wshz da wen sh haz a daugtr. da daugtr trnz ou jz laik yu. :) 

lmfao neytaim. ha ha ye man a knoe. ain spkn ta im fr agz ya knoe. 

Posted: 20-01-13 21:13 by BigManTing

:| i dont know.. and shutup haroon lol 

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW <3... thats soo cute :D.. im honoured actually :) my friend said the EXACT same to me :D lOOOOOOOL... dnt knw why though:) 

yepppp goood! seriously dont talk to him... u were turning into his kind :| hmmm  i remember u were never like that... ohhh and remember the girl he set you up with.... ://////////.... she was known to be notorious.. i couldnt believe that you actually went out with her!!! :O 

Posted: 20-01-13 21:18 by adfv

lmao ok z =P 

lmao. ahzn sed da u luk on point. bu *** im :) a tld im nt ta menshun yu eva agen :) 

ye z a regrt it big tym. :( . need ta find maslf a gyal laik u :) buh ur olda sis iz tkn n shz 6 yrz olda den me n yu.. mm lol.. n de oda wunz yung. 

arr much luv fo ya z x 

Posted: 20-01-13 21:52 by BigManTing