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Posted: 16-01-13 18:57 by BigManTing

OMFG IMA FUKIN KILL IM. bastrdz alwyz high. lmao da prsn ya hte brez savd ya.


Posted: 16-01-13 19:07 by BigManTing

did ya tel ya broz

Posted: 16-01-13 19:08 by BigManTing

lol yehh i know :|


no.. tbh i cant.. what am i gonna say? so im not... 

okayy i need to go now... bye :)

Posted: 16-01-13 19:09 by adfv

who tho? gd ya tld me ima srt im out. diked

safe sis. luve ya x mis ya loadz n ur laaf lol

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Posted: 16-01-13 19:11 by BigManTing

n obv miz lndon :)

Posted: 16-01-13 19:12 by BigManTing

someone innit.. :) 

safe bro :) hahhha.. like that? 

loool but we dont miss you :) 

Posted: 16-01-13 19:13 by adfv

WHO. yeah lke da. :) shuttttup fam. btw u lotz cumn to da wedin? 

Posted: 16-01-13 19:15 by BigManTing

S O M E O N E... loool yepp we have to but i dont want to... :(... why u asking me now anyways... loads of time till it lool 

Posted: 16-01-13 19:20 by adfv

W H O..alow fam. cum plz.. ik lol 

Posted: 16-01-13 19:21 by BigManTing

Z wrote:

looooooooooooooool noooooooo.. nothning like that silly, but he did try and get close, and u knw waqar ws there.. he saved me... :|... he was high tho :/

he tld me to say something to someone.... and i hope that person believes it wasnt me.. but omygod i dont know... :'(.. 

 hmmm....tbh i dont knw wat 2 believe any more

Posted: 16-01-13 19:23 by Waqar Khanny :)


ermm i obviously moved away and cuz of waqar mann.. i survived otherwise god knows.. i wud have died looool 

Posted: 16-01-13 19:24 by adfv

why not khan? 

Posted: 16-01-13 19:24 by adfv

gd! oh itz khan den

Posted: 16-01-13 19:25 by BigManTing

idk...i gueess im confused...idk if u meant wat u sed or dint

Posted: 16-01-13 19:26 by Waqar Khanny :)

i told u i was made to.. 

Posted: 16-01-13 19:27 by adfv

haroon naa then 

Posted: 16-01-13 19:27 by adfv

LMAO sik man 

khanny it wernt z 

Posted: 16-01-13 19:28 by BigManTing

made to?

thought bout it alot....nd idk if u actually do luv me...u tell me...buhh idk....just feels lyk u dont

........................................................................... :|

Posted: 16-01-13 19:30 by Waqar Khanny :)

Khan i do... if i dindnt i wouldnt be talking to you right now. and tryn to sort this out 

but u knw what if u think that i dont and think im chatting **** then whats the point?

Posted: 16-01-13 19:31 by adfv

bro she ain chtin breez yh. shez serius.. da guyz a diked

Posted: 16-01-13 19:33 by BigManTing

dnt giv up z

Posted: 16-01-13 19:34 by BigManTing

haroon go away for a bit please :)

Posted: 16-01-13 19:35 by adfv

lmao ok :)

Posted: 16-01-13 19:36 by BigManTing

hmm...ive got to go... check ur messages

Posted: 16-01-13 19:36 by Waqar Khanny :)