Any good movies?...

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lmao...hmmm lol u really wanna knw ;D

 thanx...buhh da exam was soo shiyt :( i failed it :|

Posted: 14-01-13 20:39 by Waqar Khanny :)

Heyyy:) ermmmmm hahhahaa

:| hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well i hope u did good :D ;)

Posted: 14-01-13 20:44 by adfv

lol....ill take dahhh as a yes :D

lmao....counted up da marks ik ill get...nd itz lyk only 25 :( dat dont even get me a E :| lmao

Posted: 14-01-13 20:50 by Waqar Khanny :)

hahhahahaa as a yes? ?? LOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL errmmm 

awwwwww dont worry, hopefully u wud have done gooooddd :) awwwww i always do that hahha

Posted: 14-01-13 20:52 by adfv

lol...yeah ;D though u might alredii hav an idea ;D

lmao.... i hope soo :( lool hmmm somethin we have in common ;D

Posted: 14-01-13 20:56 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D :D :D an idea? hahhahaah :P 

yeppp :D hahahhha iniiiiiittt :D :P :P :P :D 

Posted: 14-01-13 20:58 by adfv

lol hmmm yeah ;D

lol ;D i lyk XD

Posted: 14-01-13 21:00 by Waqar Khanny :)

ohhh okkaayy :P hahhaha

i lovee :P LOOOOOOL

Posted: 14-01-13 21:01 by adfv

z u sknkd me.

WTF!! u fukn rejctd hassan ur a G :) bst ting u eva dun

Posted: 16-01-13 17:59 by BigManTing


yep i did... i know 

Posted: 16-01-13 18:06 by adfv

alow de shrt sntnces.

i wz tld da u wre HARRSHH on im lol 

Posted: 16-01-13 18:08 by BigManTing


yehhh i was but how do you knww? 

Posted: 16-01-13 18:11 by adfv

LMAO he tld me. u fukn hrt im yaknw. i herd  ya goin pakilnd? 

Posted: 16-01-13 18:13 by BigManTing

maybe.. dnt knw properly yet.. might do

Posted: 16-01-13 18:14 by adfv

lmfao u luky da he aint a clze reltiv. WTF serius? wen?

Posted: 16-01-13 18:15 by BigManTing


i said i DONT KNOW so stop askn me... :@ 

Posted: 16-01-13 18:39 by adfv

LMAO calm ur ****. oh **** u gna gt pizd. 

Posted: 16-01-13 18:41 by BigManTing

y u bre aggy? *** hassan. dw u dint do naink to him. itz kl

Posted: 16-01-13 18:42 by BigManTing


i know! im not aggy and i told you i dont care about what he thinks okay... soo jus leave me alone.

Posted: 16-01-13 18:44 by adfv

oh, so watz rong? 

Posted: 16-01-13 18:45 by BigManTing

N O T H I N G 

Posted: 16-01-13 18:46 by adfv

ALOWW DAT Z dz aint u. ur fkn laffn al da tym.

Posted: 16-01-13 18:47 by BigManTing

yehh i knw i am... and i shudnt soo jus leaveme alone.. i gotta revise cuz im behind okie... stop distracting me 

Posted: 16-01-13 18:49 by adfv

*** it z. duna watz wrng wd u cz u aint lyk dis nrmli

Posted: 16-01-13 18:53 by BigManTing

evrwun lukz up ta u cuz ur alwyz hapi n mke evrywun elz hapi

alow dis man 

Posted: 16-01-13 18:54 by BigManTing